How to choose a service station? Criteria and tips for finding a car service

The car is in need of repair. Active use leads to wear of the main elements:  suspension and , motor, electrical control. If there is an opportunity for self-repair - it is worth using it. But, most often, the lack of time, effort and desire pushes the car enthusiast into the hands of car services.

How to choose the right car service?

Choosing an auto repair service is not an easy task that requires a balanced approach. How to choose a car service - we'll talk in this material.

Types of car services

You don't have to buy into the low price, which is often backed by disgusting service and unqualified staff. The selection of a car service often turns into a real lottery for the owner. Modern services can be divided into 3 types:

Dealer car service

The official dealer service is "sharpened" for a specific brand. There are all possible certificates for the repair and maintenance of vehicles.

One of the highest quality repair options. The only negative is the high cost of services. You have to pay for impeccable quality and a guarantee.

Getting the status of a dealership is not easy, because he carefully cares about the reputation. Low-quality repairs are excluded.

Ordinary car service

This is a small private company that specializes in car repair and maintenance. In most cases, car services of this type are not "fixated" on one brand.

We take care of all types of car repairs. They occupy the largest percentage in the repair services market. Be sure to provide a guarantee for the work. At the request of the client, both original and licensed spare parts are offered. 

It is necessary to choose car services of this type taking into account the experience in the market, the number of employees, qualifications, level of service and cost of services.

Garage car service

Similar services are handicraft auto repair shops in garage cooperatives. Service level is low.

Never heard of guarantees. Most often, the diagnosis is carried out by the "poke method". One or two people work. Headache for local tax authorities. The cheapest repair option.

Criteria for choosing a car service

To quickly and efficiently repair the car - define clear selection criteria. They should play the role of a guide so as not to get lost in the sea of ​​proposals.

Criteria for choosing the right car service:

  • Quality, reliability, convenience, comfort and professionalism;
  • Warranty obligations;
  • Convenient location;
  • Flexible system of discounts;
  • Respectful attitude;
  • Wide range of services;
  • The speed of work.

The presence of criteria will greatly simplify the choice. This will help cut off a huge number of companies whose quality leaves much to be desired.

What to look out for

An irresponsible approach to choice and an emphasis on cost often force motorists to overpay instead of saving. Poor quality of services results in additional costs. Choosing the right car repair company is the key to safe operation.

When choosing a car service, you need to consider the following:

  • Give preference to workshops that specialize in repairing your brand. They know all her weak and strong points;
  • Collect information about the work of a car service. Pay attention to the presence of reviews;
  • Consider the level of service, cost and training of specialists;
  • The first overview of the premises and repair shops should leave a positive impression.
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