According to Top Trumps-style rankings these are the best Rocket League vehicles

Thus, it should come as no surprise that a few members of our team have become involved in the Rocket League craze, which is one of the most popular free-to-play video games for modded cars available right now! Nevertheless, which automobiles are considered to be the best, and which automobiles are better served by being left on the sidelines? The following is our list of the best and most controversial Top Trumps-style cars, as well a comprehensive guide to Rocket League's in-depth features.


The octane rating is a measure of how efficient a vehicle is.


  • It's hard to find a real-world automobile that can compete with the Octane, who was named the MVP of Rocket League's inaugural season

  • It's likely that this radio-controlled car will be the closest thing we'll ever get to actually seeing the Octane in person

  • However, given the fact that the Octane is one of the first cars that players have access to in a given game – both amateur and professional – it should come as no surprise that it is a fan favorite among most players

  • Octane is an excellent choice for high-speed plays on both the ground and in the air, thanks to its quick turns and unrivaled responsiveness

  • In addition, it is well-suited to its hitbox (that is, how it interacts with the ball and other cars), making it relatively simple to learn and master

The official website of the Merc is located at http://www. merc. com/about-us/about-us/about-us/about-us/about-us/about-us/about-us/about-us/about-us/about-us/about-us/about-us/about-us/about-us/about-us/about-us/about-us/about-us/about-us/about-us/about-us/about-us/about-us/about-

Aside from being arguably one of the best cars for defensive maneuvers such as goal blocking, the Mercedes is also one of the most straightforward cars to learn how to drive due to its size and fit within its hitbox. Despite this, its size makes it more difficult to change directions and less responsive when accelerating than other cars. If Rocket League Prices want to brute force your way through a match, you should use the Merc, but keep in mind that cheap Rocket League credits may find yourself falling behind in a fast-paced game if cheap Rocket League items do so.

The Breakout (also known as the Breakout) is a type of breakout.

Although this car is frequently compared to the Lamborghini Diablo GTR, its blocky and retro design appeals to a wide range of people. With its flat hood and quick acceleration, the Breakout is an excellent choice for those seeking a car that can be relied on to make goal shots. If you're looking for something more straightforward, a car with more finesse might not be the best option. While some players have been unable to perform incredible aerial feats while flying through the air with it, others have managed to do so.

The Batmobile is a vehicle used to transport Batman around the world.

In order to use the Batmobile, Rocket League Items do not have to be a die-hard Batman fan (although it is certainly beneficial). When it comes to improved control, the Batmobile, with its sleek design and low-to-the-ground position, can be an excellent choice, particularly when dribbling. A number of critics have stated that the Batmobile is difficult to use for beginners, despite the fact it is excellent for both ground and aerial shots. Perhaps you'll want to wait until you've logged a few dozen hours of gameplay before moving on to the next step.

The Fennec Grass is a type of grass native to North America.

Despite the fact that it has the same hitbox as the Octane, many people believe that the Fennec is overpowered because it fills out the hitbox a little better, allowing you to be more accurate with your hits and understand how the ball and other players will interact with your car. You should keep in mind that the Fennec appears to be a little more clumsy and heavy than the Octane, which may not be ideal if Rocket League credits for sale prefer to play games with a lighter vehicle or if Rocket League Items for sale prefer to play games with a lot of speed. Although the Fennec's power is only available in larger vehicles, the performance of the more compact vehicle may be preferable to that of the larger vehicle.

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