How do you Match Clothes and Jewelry

If you are dressed in elaborate clothes or have a rich pattern, then the jewelry should choose a simple and soft style.
If your outfit is simple and simple, you can choose more creative jewelry to enhance your outfit.
If your clothes are already decorated with jewelry or flash flakes, just wear some simple stud earrings/earrings.
The combination of black dress + red high heels + red gemstones is a good choice to increase the coordination of clothing.
To sum up, the clothes are flowers, jewelry is leaves, flowers need green leaf lining, and green leaves do not fight with flowers.
To sum up, it is necessary to learn the addition and subtraction of jewelry.
Every time before going out, you have to subtract the jewelry group you wear;
But if you don't wear jewelry when you go out, although the clothes are beautiful, you may really lack the feeling of finishing.
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