What are the types security service?

Types of Security Guards
Government contract security guards are one type of security guard.
Government agencies frequently use armed and well-trained professional security guards. These security officers will be stationed to safeguard and defend the assets and personnel of the government. These security officers can work in a range of environments.
Their main duty is to protect a particular location, like a courthouse or a military command center. They might be required to protect people and property in high-risk situations.
In addition to the skills often required in the field, Government Security Guards must be "clean" criminally speaking in order to be hired. People with criminal histories are typically disqualified as candidates.
2. On-Site Security Personnel
Companies personally recruit in-house security personnel to work for them. They are not employed by a private security company. These security officers work within the guidelines set down by the organizations that employ them, receive payment from them, and report to them.
Although many nations forbid hiring internal security personnel, certain businesses still do so and are legally allowed to do so.
There are several employment options available for these security guard kinds.
• Protective armor
• Bank; • Hospital; and center for healthcare
• Information security and cruise ship industry.
• Hotels and resorts; bouncers at nightclubs; museums
3. Hired Security Personnel
Security personnel who fall into this category are the most prevalent. Private security companies employ contract security officers. Customers employ a security company, which assigns security officers to best meet their requirements.
Options for private security officers
There are several options available to businesses when they enlist the services of a private security company. Most security companies will provide some or all of the security guard services listed below
Armed-free Security
Unarmed security guards are security officers who do not possess firearms or other weapons. They are actually present at a location or company. They promptly and effectively respond to threats, police every area, keep an eye on the security systems, and patrol every place. Even though the guards are unarmed, their very presence serves as a deterrent to criminals and trespassers. The duties of an unarmed security guard include general crime prevention, crowd management, access control, patrolling, policy enforcement, and crowd control. More than 80% of security workers around the world perform unarmed security duties.
Armed Protection
For sites that require a more rigorous security service, armed security personnel is required. Armed security guards are frequently employed in high-risk situations where a person's life is in danger or if the company or property is situated in an area with a high crime rate.
On the job site, they likely have small firearms and deadly weapons. To be authorized to carry a firearm, they must complete extra training and meet state-mandated gun certification requirements. Because they are familiar with using a firearm, armed security guards are frequently former members of the military or police enforcement. Typically, businesses that deal with expensive goods or services hire armed security guards.
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