How do you like Hair Claw

Using a claw is convenient and cool, and at present I have not found a second more convenient way to manage my hair.
1. After using it, I can't see if your hair is combed (some perms are the unsmooth effect), so sometimes I don't comb my hair
2. Clamp in a few seconds, convenient to only need a clip to have a shape, as long as your hair is long enough, you can not use rubber bands, side clips and other tools.
3. Long hair girls must take a bath without washing their hair.
4. The shape is casual and safe. A change of gripper changes the style, which is more varied than the short hair style and has many opportunities for styling remedies.
5. When untying it is fast and do not eat hair.
1. Rapunzel girls summer must.
2. Cool and good-looking, cutting short hair is sometimes more risky.
Adapt to many occasions:
1. Use grippers to create a disc hair style on formal occasions, and you won't make mistakes.
2. It is not easy to mess up, in case of chaos it takes a few seconds to clip it.
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