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Imagine going for a job interview and being asked to fight with two other people in the office to prove that you are good enough for the job. This is how security guards used to be employed to work in club security. The club manager needed to know that you could handle yourself and protect the patrons by throwing out the drunks.

I remember it well because the manager interviewing me looked at me and then turned to two locals drinking at the bar nearby and said, I will pay you both $50 if you can stop this guy throwing you out of the bar. He then turned to me and said, throw them out.

I was surprised at first but these two locals were keen to earn more drinking money and stood up to fight.

It was not my best ejection but I managed to defend myself and get one of them out the door with some force applied. The manager said I was hired, not because I could two people out, but I was willing to give what is a ups access point it a go and not be intimidated by them.

The manager told me that it was more important for security guards to be able to challenge intoxicated people with authority and confidence, not necessarily the ability to fight. He said that no matter how good a fighter you are, someone is always better than you, and even experienced security guards have trouble dealing with two or more intoxicated people. Anyone tells you otherwise is an idiot.

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