What Should You Know About MOT Newton Test?

If your car is near its third anniversary, you must increase your knowledge about the MOT test. This test is mandatory for all drivers whose car is three years old. They need to submit their cars every year to get a certificate. This certificate proves that your car is safe for the driver and other road users.
This certificate is valid for one year. Therefore, you need to get a new certificate every year by submitting your vehicle to an authorized MOT Dudley centre. If you do not have a certificate or have an expired certificate in your car, the police department will assume that your car is not roadworthy.
Therefore, save yourself from legal steps and submit your car for an MOT test. We are here with relevant information about the MOT test.
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How Should You Prepare Your Car for the Test?

While the date of the test is near, you have to check the vital components of your car on your own. If you are unable to check several components, you may take the help of a mechanic. Clean your car and keep the fuel tank full. Check the air pressure and keep it at the correct level. An incorrect inflation level may be a reason for the failure of the test.

Where Should You Submit Your Vehicle?

A lot of service stations and garages are working as MOT centres across the country. You have to register at your nearby centre to check the roadworthiness of your vehicle. The centre will provide a date on which you have to submit your vehicle.
Get your car to the centre in the morning and prepare yourself to spend your day without your car. The total time of the test will depend on the faults your car has and the results of the test. If your car fails to clear the test, you have to wait for more to get your car back.

What Are the Criteria for the Result?

The criteria for the results are very clear. They have divided the faults into three main categories. These categories are major, minor, and dangerous.
If your car has minor faults, the centre will allow you to have your vehicle. However, you have to keep an eye on the car for these minor faults.
Major faults in the vehicle will cause failure in the test. You have to repair your vehicle to get your car on the roads again. Dangerous faults in the car will stop your way to getting the MOT certificate. Again, you have to repair these faults to pass the test.
If you think you will get a better quote in another garage, you can drive your car to another garage to repair the major faults. However, you cannot do so in case of dangerous faults. Towing option is available for a vehicle that has dangerous faults.

What Are Your Options if Your Car Fails Its Test?

As mentioned above, you have to repair the faults if you want the MOT certificate. If your car does not have dangerous faults, you can drive your car away to repair the issues in another garage.
After you have repaired the faults, you can submit your car for the retest option.
If you leave your car for repair work in the same centre, you will get a free retest if you do it within ten working days. If you choose another garage for the repair work, you have to bring the vehicle within ten working days to get the retest option. However, it may or may not be free according to the time you have taken to repair the vehicle.

What is an MOT Advisory?

If you get an advisory notice, it means that you have to some areas that may create problems in the future. However, your vehicle will clear the test but you have to keep an eye on these areas to avoid negative effects.

What if Your Car Fails the Test and the Current Certificate is Valid?

Technically, you can drive your car in this condition. However, we will not advise you to drive your car fails its test. Repair the faults and get your certificate. After that, you will be sure that your car is safe to run on the road.
Finally, MOT is a mandatory test and you cannot avoid it. You can increase your chances in the MOT Newton by maintaining your vehicle properly. Make sure your car does not have at least dangerous faults.
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