Role of Galvanized Steel As Cooling Tower Materials

The main function of the galvanized steel sheet is to improve the corrosion resistance of the steel sheet material. The surface of the steel sheet is generally silvery white, and the surface is uniformly distributed with a metallic pattern and the surface is very shiny. In the galvanizing process, the process of the separate metal plating layer and the multi-layer metal plating layer are basically similar, and the main process is continuous casting and plating. Cold rolled steel coil factory in stock sharing cooling tower.

The production of closed cooling towers is mainly made of galvanized steel. Although this will increase the cost of production to a certain extent, the maintenance cost will be greatly reduced in terms of service life and maintenance. Due to the work of the cooling tower, the internal environment is mainly based on damp heat. Therefore, the materials used in the cooling tower must have good high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. The corrosion performance of the metal plating depends mainly on the thickness of the plating layer and the dissolution rate of the material to be plated. In the same thickness, the higher the dissolution rate of the material to be plated is, the longer the service life of the plating layer with a lower dissolution rate.

In the process of production and processing, there are few bad points or cracks in the processed parts. Galvanized sheets are able to withstand relatively high tensile and bending strengths. Therefore, the possibility of an accident at the time of processing can be reduced to a large extent. In a relatively high-temperature environment, it is twice as heat resistant as other steel sheets.

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