What do Earrings have to do with Face Shape?

In the development of jewelry design, the changes in earrings are directly related to hairstyles. Therefore, the trick to wearing earrings is to find the right hairstyle and earrings
The simple way to do this is:
1, if your hairstyle can expose all the ears, then the stud earrings, earrings can be selected, the choice of space will be very large. If it is a curly hairstyle like a wave head, you can consider the style of the design of the earring line in the choice of earrings
2. If your hairstyle is to the cheek position, or the hair hanging in front of you will partially cover the ears, it will be more appropriate to choose earrings
3. If the long hair reaches the neck or over the shoulders, it is recommended to choose a more exaggerated earring style so that the earrings can stand out from the hair.
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