How do you Choose Necklaces

Round face: Do not wear a neck-sticking style.
The chain is too thick and too complicated, as well as round, fan-shaped necklaces or thick necklaces strung with round beads, which will give a sense of urgency. A round, fan-shaped necklace that makes the face appear rounder. You should choose a necklace that can cause the visual effect of increasing the length and width of the face, and a round-faced friend like me should choose a long necklace, apply the V-shaped effect of the long necklace, and elongate the facial line.
Long face: People with this kind of face shape should not choose a style with more neck exposure, so as not to elongate the face shape more, and need to be widened. The ideal option is to wear a short, thicker necklace that sticks to the neck, which visually shortens the face.
Square Face: The face line needs to be lengthened and softened by a necklace, so you can choose a T-shaped or simple pearl necklace.
Heart-shaped face: The contours of the face need to be balanced by a wide, or decorative necklace. The most important point is, don't "add V to V"!
Goose egg face: This face shape in the selection of necklaces, there are almost no taboos, according to their own personality, preferences to choose freely.
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