How do you Match Brooches

Capable Wind:
In my opinion, in addition to attending important serious occasions, it is absolutely not necessary to wear black clothes and short suits. This holistic repressive style is a disaster in everyday life.
Elegant style:
Mature women are more suitable for the style, typical of Elizabeth Taylor's photo of wearing a scarf, and the feminine charm is about to come out. In addition, there is the famous butterfly brooch
Also, elegant style does not mean that it cannot be matched when working.
Lively type:
This choice is many, floral, animal, tasseled, geometric patterns a bit old-fashioned, but if you're ready to walk preppy you can give it a try.
It is recommended to focus on flowers, large patterns show vitality, small patterns highlight femininity, provided that the basic style is not mistaken.
The position can be chest, scarf, hair, jeans and so on.
Long clothes are equipped with large brooches, and short clothes are available in size
Simple clothes with simple patterns, for example if we wear a simple woolen sweater, are obviously not suitable for the complex pattern of butterflies.
There is also a basic principle that does not waver: it is the brooch with the clothes, not the clothes with the brooches.
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