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This guide will provide you with all the information you need to locate all of the Rohendel cooking recipe ingredients in Lost Ark. In Lost Ark, the continent known as Rohendel is essentially the home of the elves. There are picturesque lakes and verdant regions of woodland, and the picturesque villages are vibrant and brimming with faeries, sparkles, and other enchantments. However, you shouldn't let your guard down because this is a dangerous area. Also, the tome is not exactly an easy opponent in this regard either.

There are some difficult recipes for cooking on earlier continents, but Rohendel takes it to a whole new level. You need to have finished multiple levels of several Una's Tasks, reached the maximum level of rapport with an NPC, and probably the most difficult requirement is that you need to defeat the world boss Magmadon at least once, if not multiple times depending on how unlucky you are. This section of the Adventurer's Tome is not for those who are easily scared or intimidated. If, on the other hand, you are attempting to finish it, the instructions are provided below in their entirety.



Recipe for the Breezesome Brae Cooking Using Ether Essence

For you to be able to finish this recipe, you must first have finished the quest Wailing Wind, which was given to you by Water Keeper Orelda and took place in Breezesome Brae. This quest was part of the main storyline. After you have finished this, a new Una's Quest called Mischievous Fairy will become available to you (it is also located in Breezesome Brae). You will then be required to finish this task all the Lost Ark buy gold coins up to Reputation Level Two in order to receive the reward of the component needed for the Magical Fermentation Boost.

Once you have the Boost, you can easily purchase the Azure Energy Concentrate from Eiza in Rohun for the staggering price of 205,000 silver coins. You will need this item in order to complete the quest. Finally, bring both ingredients to cook Ailara, who, in exchange for 3,100 silver coins, will create the Ether Essence for you. Both of these NPCs are located in the building that is adjacent to the Artisan's Forest Triport in the very western part of the city.

Recipe for Jelly Chew, found in the Lake Shiverwave Cookbook

In order to make the Jelly Chew, you will need to gather three different ingredients, all of which can be found strewn about the Lake Shiverwave area. As a pleasant change of pace, you will not have to pay for any of these ingredients. Walk through the blue portal that is located on the west side of this circular platform after beginning at the Dock Triport. You will find yourself on a secluded island in the sky. You will find a tree branch that is protruding into the air just to the south of a large rock if you walk over to its east side and look for it. Conduct research in this area to locate the Chew Jelly.

Proceed now to the Fairy Settlement Triport, where you will need to go through the archway on the northeast side, then climb the tree trunk that is located on the other side of the river. After reaching the summit, head north through the watery area, and then climb the vines to reach the top of the cliff on the opposite side. At the top, continue traveling in a northeasterly direction up the muddy slope, and immediately after reaching the top, turn right. You'll find the Chew Chew Jelly right here, just before the wooden bridge that leads to the east.

Finally, make your lost ark gold over to the Sylvain Settlement Triport by jumping across. You can access the area where they are working on water elementals by ascending the stairs to the northwest and then turning left at the T-junction. At the next intersection, take a right and proceed up the long flight of stairs in the direction of the northwest. Continue climbing up, turning right at the platform at the top, and then making the jump up to the northeast. This can be accessed by going straight across the path intersection. You can find the Chew Chew Chew Jelly in the vegetable patch that is located to the right of the door that leads into the farm.

Since you now have all of the necessary components, you should head to the Artisan's Forest Triport in Rohun. You can find Cook Ailara inside the building a little further to the north of it if you go in there. For the low, low price of 1,600 silver coins, she will combine your three jellies into the Jelly Chew that you have been craving.

Recipe for Pit-a-Pat Macaroons, Courtesy of a Roaming Mercantile

This one is not too difficult as long as you have plenty of cash on hand and are able to locate the NPC that you need to do business with. The Pit-a-Pat Macaroon can only be purchased from Rohendel's wandering merchant, and it will cost you 150,000 silver coins to do so. This item is not available for purchase from any other vendor.

The Wandering Merchant Aricer makes an appearance, just like he does on the other continents of Lost Ark, every 25 minutes at one of the following five scheduled locations (times are AM and PM):

Located northeast of the Fairy Settlement Triport, up on the cliff next to the tree on the floating island is where you'll find Lake Shiverwave.

GlassMeeting with the other merchants at Lotus Lake, which is located south of the Foehn Plains Triport.

From Fairy Village, travel to the southwest and then turn north onto Dandelion Hill to reach Breezesome Brae.

Directly to the north of the Contaminated Village Triport is where you'll find the Xeneela Ruins.

The location of Elzowin's Shade can be found in the top-left corner of the West Knurlroot Forest.

Twelve thirty, two thirty, five thirty, six thirty, eight thirty, and nine thirty are the times that Aricer appears. As long as you have sufficient silver, it is not difficult to hop from one location to another as they are all situated within close proximity to a triport. After you've added it to your inventory, you can quickly add it to your Adventurer's tome by right-clicking on it.

Recipe for Snail Roll Cake, courtesy of Rapport Cooking

In order to successfully finish this recipe, you will first need to earn the Trusted reputation with the Rapport NPC located in Flowstream Village near the Glass Lotus Lake area. As a parting gift, Orelda will give you the recipe for her Secret Cake. This should not be too difficult for you to obtain, as Orelda's Rapport levels are not as challenging as those of other NPCs.

In addition to this, you must gather two hundred Magick Snails from the areas of Elzowin's Shade known as the Shadowed Earth and the Forest. It is going to take some time for you to complete this task because each time you find some, Lost Ark gold buy cheap you will receive anywhere from one to five (normally one) snails at random. They will always spawn in the same locations, all of which are potentially hazardous except for a few of them. For instance, there is a secure location close to the mokoko seed as well as the Valley and Waterfall vista. Alternately, you can wander around the area and engage in combat as you go.

Once you have all of the necessary components, you should bring them to Cook Ailara in Rohun. She will use the first 100 snails to create a Magick Albino Snail, which will cost 1,600 silver coins. She will then use the remaining snails and the Secret Cake Recipe to create the Snail Roll Cake that you have requested, which will cost 3,100 silver coins.

Recipe for Rothun's Sweet Honey Butter Beer Using Honey and Butter

You can find Cook Ailara and Cooking Ingredient Merchant Eiza in the building just to the north of the Artisan's Forest Triport in Rothun. You can get there by traveling to the Artisan's Forest Triport in Rothun. First, you'll need to have a conversation with Eiza to obtain your ingredients. To make honey butter beer, you will need three honey butter, which are equivalent to 5,000 silver coins, and one beer, which costs 10,000 silver coins. However, there's only a small chance that if you make Lost Ark gold sale, you'll end up with the 'Sweet' Honey Butter Beer that you need for your Adventurer's Tome. If you do end up with it, though, you'll be in good shape.

Bring the ingredients with you to Ailara on the opposite side of the room, and she will brew them for 2,500 silver coins per glass. On our second try, we were successful in obtaining ours, and most reports indicate that your chances of obtaining the sweet variety aren't all that low. Be aware that in order to access several of the mokoko seeds around Rohendel, you will need a normal bottle of Honey Butter Beer. However, this is not a game-ending situation if you are unable to complete all of the mokoko seeds. You should also be aware that if you consume a beer, the stein will remain in your inventory. You can then return it to the cook to have it refilled at a discounted price of 700 silver and without having to repurchase any of the ingredients.

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