High Quality Fragrance Bottle Perfume Glass 100ml Spray Glass Perfume Bottle

Production Ability: We are manufacturers and have our own factories and warehouses, with large stock. The perfume bottle can be sent you asap after receiving your payment.Get more news about odm fragrance bottle,you can vist our website!

Design Ability: We have our own designer for customing your bottle. ODM and OEM is available, for example Coating, Silk-screen, Stamping, Decal.

Product Market: Our perfume bottles are very popular overseas, such as Europe, the United States, France, South Korea and other countries. We are becoming a stronger supplier of more brands.
This mini pocket refillable square aluminum twist spray bottle atomizer is made from aluminum. It has a beautiful look and beautiful appearance, lightweight design, easy to fit into a handbag or anywhere else. It is one of the most popular fashion style perfume bottles. It can be used as perfume bottles, body spray, shoe deodorant spray and massage oil spray. Perfume is easily inserted into our bottles by pipette or dumping method. You can also customize different types of logos on it for promotional purposes.

Light weight, easy to carry, safe to use. The spray is simple and comes in a variety of colors. Use our metallic glass spray atomizer to ventilate your clothes for extra scent retention.

Made of aluminum, light and strong. The glass base section can hold up to 7 ml for your replenishment. It comes with a reusable nut. When you want to spray perfume, it is easy to use because of the airless pump.

Made from premium materials, it is sturdy enough to last long, yet stylish enough to distinguish itself in any environment. Whether you are looking for a stylish bottle for yourself or a gift for a client, this product is a great choice.

The characteristics of

  1. Easy to carry, easy to supplement

  2. No leakage, easy to use

  3. Each bottle comes with a fine mist sprayer that releases a very light and scented mist

  4. It takes up very little space in your bag or pocket

  5. Apply any liquid or oil directly to your skin, fabric, or other surface

  6. You can change the smell inside and outside the bottle for different effects

  7. More durable than traditional plastic travel bottles

  8. Persistent

Stylish durable aluminum spray perfume bottle: beautiful square for easy to carry and use. Environmentally friendly non-toxic aluminum: this perfume bottle is made of environmentally friendly aluminum, which is healthy and pollution-free. Easy to replenish: When you run out of perfume, there's no need to buy a new one every time. It will last for years!


We have the product patent, have their own design team and manufacturing workers, can manufacture a variety of atomizers or atomizer accessories. You can mix different nozzle styles or choose colors according to your preference. We will follow your direction, for you to create perfect!

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