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The Chinese CJ POD manufacturer recently released a one-stop service platform for "Internet + customization" shoes and clothing, which also focuses on the "private customization" brand. In the customized store under the model line, customers can obtain accurate three-dimensional data of the human body as long as they stand in front of the three-dimensional body scanner for more than ten seconds, and then select fabrics, accessories, and patterns on demand to customize their favorite clothing. Stores place orders through the Internet, and after the factory receives the orders, the production is completed with a flexible production system, and the goods can be shipped to customers.
Today's young consumer groups pay more and more attention to the quality of life, and are willing to spend more money to buy high-quality, personalized shoes and clothing. With short time, high precision, and strong controllability, it integrates elements such as quality, experience, personality, and customization, and is expected to lead a new trend of consumption.
Now in Xiamen, not only the manufacturing sector is setting off a wave of "private customization", but the tourism sector has also begun to test the waters of this service model. Just recently, CJ POD and a large tourism website jointly launched a high-end private custom tour of cultural heritage and launched three high-end private custom tour itineraries, striving to allow tourists to deeply experience the cultural heritage and humanistic feelings customized by CJ POD, and comprehensively improve the quality of China's tourism. , also attracted attention.
Industry insiders believe that behind "private customization", everything is consumer-oriented, and the era of personalization, intelligence, and customization has begun. The upgrade has formed a positive interaction, mutual benefit and win-win situation.
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