Today we will talk about 7 essential must-have plugins for WordPress Websites for 2022

Today we will talk about 7 essential must-have plugins for WordPress Websites for 2022 that you can get for free Hi Guys, My Name is Kripesh Adwani I am working on WordPress Websites for a long time It’s been 7+ years I have used a lot of plugins for it out of which I am going to tell about 7 such plugins which are in essential WordPress plugins, If you are setting up a WordPress website, or if you are setting this for a client or if you are having an old website then these are some of the plugins, which you must have on your website.

The first is for security Security is very essential in Word Press and its importance is increased in Word Press as the third-party plugins and themes are used here DDOS Protection, Brute Force Protection, SQL Injection, Login Limits, Changing Login page for security There's a good plugin and that is themes Security I have already done a detailed review of this which you can find on the button It is on the old version but the steps will be the same, So you can install this plug-in and you can follow all these steps, it is very important, For security, you should also do the Cloud flare DNS Setup, it helps you in DDOS Protection and how you should do this for free, you can refer to the video on the button.

The second plugin, which you should have is for SEO Optimization, For this we have Rank math It is an all in one SEO Plugin The free and the paid version is really good, You can use the free version in the beginning and you will get a lot of things You can edit the SEO Metadata descriptions and create schemas, XML and Sitemaps can also be created So for SEO Optimizations Rank math is a good plugin and You can refer to the paid version, I have also reviewed it, you can find it on the button.

The third important plugin, you should have on the WordPress Website is a Cache Plugin, Cache plugins are having a lot of options and it is one of the most difficult thing to set up in a WordPress website Every website and every hosting is different and People have different requirements as per the website, so it has to be setup accordingly So in the starting, I will recommend that you should aim at 100/100 page speed score Anything above 70-80 is good So which all cache plugins must be used, The first recommendation will be WPRocket, It is a paid plugin so if you can afford this so go with it, I have added this in my blogs, If you are on Litespeed Hosting then you can use the Litespeed Cache Plugin, A lot of hosting are based on Litespeed Servers like Chemicloud, Hostinger, I have also done the review of the "Best Hosting in India 2022" which you can find on the iButton I have covered all the hosting providers in it So if your hosting provider is using the Litespeed server then you can use the Litespeed cache plugin for free and it is really good, I have also made a video for this, which you can find on the iButton If you have EngineX Servers, then I will recommend you can go with W3 Total Cache with Autooptimise You can use this combination and you will get a good result.

So that's it for today. If you like some extra help in preparing for your Website Designing Company in Delhi, I invite you to CLICK Website Designing Service in Delhi or you can also click Website Designing Company in Delhi. Good luck I'll see you next time.

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