Identify the quality and quality of suspended assembled floor

The suspended assembled floor is now beautiful, and each one says it's good, but it's as legendary as heavier? The softer the better? The price of the same manufacturer and manufacturer of different specifications and models is very different. In fact, it is not difficult to distinguish the quality of the products according to the following "seeking and asking" methods, just like you have a pair of eyes! The following SC-ZSfloor will share with you the method of identifying the quality of customized synthesis indoor tennis court tiles in the identification: First: Look. The floor is evenly filled, no small holes, no cracking, peeling, foaming, delamination, uneven thickness of the foot on the back of the floor, and the ribs are well-proportioned. Look at the color, the color of the original material is crystal clear, more vivid, and the brightness is better. The color of the product added with recycled materials is dull and dull. Second: smell. There is an unpleasant smell of products consumed with low-quality and low-cost recycled materials. Such products seriously affect the service life and have poor weather resistance. The detachable futsal sport floor tiles produced by SC-ZSfloor is 100% pure raw material processed without any odor and no volatilization. , to ensure quality, provide after-sales warranty. Third: heavy. The main material of SC-ZSfloor suspension assembled sports floor is mainly modified PP, but there are many unscrupulous traders on the market. In order to reduce the cost, participate in talc (talc powder) or Caco3 (calcium carbonate) in PP material. These materials are not integrated into the molecular chain of PP, so they will greatly affect the service life of the product and will greatly reduce the sports performance of the suspended floor. Fourth: touch. Good products have both flexibility and hardness. The soft products have flexibility. But they can't meet the ball's rebound rate. They don't have the function of sports field. The hard products can satisfy the rebound rate of the ball. No flexibility, especially brittle, easy to fold, especially in the winter when the temperature is cold, the product is easy to crack, affecting the service life, and other inferior products can be directly collapsed. Fifth: Ping. Put two pieces of the same type of suspension assembling sports assembling floor together, and touch the joint surface of the floor with your hand. Assume that there is no obvious unevenness, this product is a good product. Choose the floating assembled floor, in the quality of the identification of detachable indoor sport surface, good or bad, according to the above "look, smell, heavy, touch, flat" approach, I can only say; "so easy!" SC-ZSfloor from raw materials The modified treatments selected from PP are completed independently, and the quality of the products is guaranteed from the source, so that the products are resistant to aging, thermal expansion and contraction, UV resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, and products are added under the strength of the product. The toughness guarantees the length of use of the product.
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