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Today, we have been witnessing an expansion in every industry within approximately 5-7 years span of time. Same can be observed the most with life sciences sector as well. With every developmental increase in the field, various career options come along with it. Clinical research is among the top options in the list of careers in healthcare industry. This dynamic sector has significant number of experts that have explored the medicine in and out and paved the way for healthier lives. If you are the one who can connect with the idea of providing much better medical alternatives for healthy lives, explore these reasons on how to make a brilliant career.

Although the main motive of clinical trials is to test the effectiveness of medical intervention, clinical trial participants are the most crucial part of the process. When the term "trial" is involved, people are scared of participation because of uncertainty related to any novel treatment. Thus, it's in the hands of facilitators to provide the participants with a positive experience. There are certain ways researchers have the ability to increase protocol conformity to keep the participants involved in the clinical trials.

We have old scriptures of renowned sages who had deep understanding and knowledge of medicines as well as many other fields. Fast forward to current era, we have journals, academic research and theses of experts and scientists in the field of medicine, history, agriculture, science, etc. The relevance of publications and studies has been a key factor in determining the future of any field.

Current scenario of clinical research in India

In year 2021, India sanctioned approximately 100 worldwide clinical studies, a highest record since 2013. In the event of a COVID crisis in 2020, India will host 87 worldwide clinical studies. In March 2019, India passed the New Drugs and Clinical Trials (NDCT) guidelines to oversee the proper clinical research policy. Facing the pandemic scenario, India showed an increase when compared with the average of a decade of 6.2% to 8. 3% of worldwide clinical testing studies in 2020. The leading therapy area was Contagious Diseases with a contribution of a 32.5% share.

Challenges in clinical research industry

Although being a major contributor in clinical trial phases, it is the need of hour to manage the issue of studies and publications. There have been industrial observations that pointed towards the issue of carrying out research. There are certain inefficiencies in the current scientific or academic research as they lag behind in solving the nation's recurring problems. Disinterest, no dedication, facilities, equipment, funding, rewards, and restrictions imposed, as well as a lack of experienced research faculty to supervise students, are key issues.

Be a part of change for better lives of people

It is a misconception that clinical research is the study of only newly invented medicines and making upgrades to them. It is also responsible for addressing the diseases that have been tagged as past the repairable phase such as Cancer, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular diseases and similar serious illnesses.

If you become a part of this industry as a clinical research professional, you would be proving your worth through innovative approaches to patient care. It feels strange to know the information that since 1984, we have not witnessed the discovery of any new antibiotic medicine.

Techno Bridge

A project management approach to clinical research

Expert or not, every involved clinical research entity needs to know these basic project management skills for effective employment of resources to their potential.

Hire a supervisor for project management.

A better option would be a project manager who keeps tabs on multiple projects simultaneously. He is the go-to person in the event of not having access to any task-related information. Stakeholders require every insightful update of the planned process to make any adjustments if required. As a result, make certain that you hire the best personnel who will prove to be a valuable asset.

Open the doors of communication with the crew.

Every project is based on getting a clear and bigger picture of the task at hand. A project manager gets every involved individual on the same page by organizing meetings for follow-up purposes while keeping everything in check.

Go through the process and plot the relevant approach.

The effectiveness of any plan would be evaluated when every step of the process is evaluated within the defined period of time. Thus, the project management team is required to adopt any required modifications using performance-based indicators. Keep the stakeholders and team members in the loop while implementing any modifications in the process by conveying key findings from your task.

Making data accessible by saving information at a secure location

Extraction of required information could be a task when working on multiple projects at the same time. Therefore, save all the useful data in one place for easy tracking.

Clinical trials using Artificial Intelligence technology

Conventional methods of conducting clinical trials have reached their limits, which are observed through delays in clinical trial outputs, patient retention issues, and their expensive nature. Artificial Intelligence has the ability to add to the effectiveness and safety of clinical trials, with the goal of bringing optimizations to the processes.

Drug testing: The drug would be developed using already available patient data collected through clinical trials over a period of time. Clinical trials have the ability to bring down the cost of clinical trials. Patients can relax knowing that they will have access to clinical trial healthcare even if they are not physically present at the trial site. This would accelerate the off-site monitoring, especially of weaker patients that require quarantined measures.

Automations using data analytics: An automated improvement in clinical trials aids in patient care during clinical trials. All the raw data would be collected and transformed into insightful information for the purpose of better understanding diseases. A few resultant advancements would include:

  • Corrections to recruitment design inefficiencies, resulting in large-scale recruitment
  • Precision in evaluation and definition of data with an increased efficiency rate against existing information.
  • Having accessible databases that would keep records of patient matches on the basis of their health status and treatment tolerance levels.
  • Helps in bridging gaps between clinical trial sponsors and facilities by accelerating business reciprocal actions.

Versatility in job tasks

You can expect to be tested as you could be a part of in-office meetings, create reports, visiting to several study locations, be introduced to a large number of people, etc. Working in this industry can sharpen your skills ranging from project-based management to medical operations.


The path towards better performance of clinical research and tackling India’s healthcare concerns requires a critical shift in medical students’ and faculty members’ academic behavior. It could be resolved if we would establish and formulate appropriate research queries emphasizing on improving needs of patient. To summarize, for sake of more sustainable healthcare system, we must encourage and improvise the overall medical research and published content. Who knows, we could even come up with a legendary invention!








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