HL Elastic Column Pin Coupling

HL Elastic Column Pin Coupling

HL type elastic pin coupling has been listed as the national standard GB5014-85. It is suitable for all kinds of transmission axles which are mechanically connected with two coaxial lines. It is usually used for high and low speed motion with frequent movement. The working temperature is - 20 ~+80 C, and the nominal transfer torque is 40-20000N.m.Get more news about Elastic Sleeve Pin Coupling Factory,you can vist our website!

HL type elastic pin coupling has many advantages, such as simple structure, reasonable, convenient maintenance, two-sided symmetry and interchangeability, long service life, large axial movement allowed, cushioning, shock absorption, wear resistance and so on.

Basic parameters and main dimensions of HL type elastic pin coupling:
Marketed under the Rathi brand, RN-Flex pin couplings are ideal for absorbing axial, radial and angular misalignment.RN-Flex are used in different assemblies such as extraction pumps for emptying reactors and tanks.

These components are fitted with cast iron hubs and high resistance elastomeric pads. They have a high damping capacity for torsional vibrations.

The RN-Flex elastic pin couplings can be used at temperatures from -30 ° C to + 100 ° C.
Elastic coupling
Do you need an elastic coupling, but are you still in doubt about the ideal product for your specific application? In KTR's wide range of products, you will already find the coupling that exactly meets your needs. Since the middle of the last century, we have had a reputa e as a market leader in the development of clutch technology, hydraulics and drive components.

On the basis of an ultramodern production process and strike quality requirements, we produce high-quality components that excel through high reliability and a long service life.

In addition, we like to take our social responsibility and make every effort to minimize the ecological footprint of our business activities.

Elastic coupling of KTR Systems offset angular, radial and axial shaft displacement within defined ranges. The elastomer dampens shock and torsional vibrations in the drive train.

Which elastic coupling do you need?
We offer elastic couplings in different variants. So you can choose between claw and tooth couplings, which guarantee a precise finish of all surfaces on male running properties. Among our most popular product types in this category are the ROTEX®, POLY-NORM®, POLY and REVOLEX® types.

Choose the high load capacity of the ROTEX® jaws, the short installation length of the POLY-NORM® fail-safe, or the removable elastomer rings and pins when installed on the REVOLEX® . Whatever your requirements for the operation of your elastic coupling, at KTR we already have the right product for your site.

Why an elastic coupling of KTR?
An elastic coupling from KTR is the result of decades of product development and innovation. With this, we assure you of a high-quality component with the highest possible reliability. We see ourselves as the reliable partner of anyone who wants to set things in motion.

More than 1,100 employees work passionately every day to provide you, the customer, with the best conceivable products. DIN ISO EN 9001:2000 and DIN ISO EN 14001:2005 certifications are the best proof of this. A transparent and honest way of working lies at the basis of every customer relationship with us.

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