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Importance of work-life balance

Work life balance is a state of mind, an attitude towards life in general. Work life balance is not just about working and having fun. It's about having time to enjoy your hobbies and interests in your personal time you need at home as well. The perfect ratio of work to home looks different to everyone, but if you are serious about having work-life balance, it might be useful to find out what yours is. Work-life balance is the ideal balance of work and life. It's about making sure you can accomplish both your professional and personal goals, but also enjoying time at home with family, friends and hobbies. A great way to achieve this is by scheduling your tasks so that they happen on a predictable schedule.

Ways To Improve Work-Life Balance

Take Break: It is important to enjoy a work life balance. Often times, people overlook this aspect of their health and well-being because they are busy at work and do not have enough time to celebrate holidays with their family or friends. Taking breaks helps reduce stress and fatigue. Taking regular breaks will help you stay more productive and focused on the task at hand.

Schedule Your Activites: Your schedule is your own, but there are ways to accommodate family time. Schedule an activity with your company on the same day and only continue working as long as is needed for that purpose. For example, if you have a presentation to do on Monday make sure you finish it by Friday so that you have enough time home for dinner with your family.

Learn to say NO: If you are working overtime and are not getting paid extra for it, if your employer or colleagues tell you to do something that is beyond the norm of what is required, say NO.

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