These five matching skills enable you to be skillful in various occasions(3)

  1. Antique jewelry matching If you want to make your style calm, you can unify the color of your whole body. You must try to match the highlights of jewelry. As shown in the figure below, the gold dress is matched with a gold necklace. The style is complex and beautiful, without earrings, it is refreshing, with a gold bag of the same color, and the style is small and cute. So far, the whole body is the same color, which can set off your overall unity. In addition, gold looks very white, so no additional combination is required. The last point is the ruby ring. Ruby sparkles, and the silver ring matches the gold dress very well. Ruby ring is the biggest highlight. Because it is on hand, it will not damage your integrity, nor will it get your eyes right away. Although there are bright spots, they will not attract attention, so this combination is very valuable for learning.




It is jewelry that can add different colors to the clothes. If it is just clothes, no matter how beautiful the clothes are, they will fade after a long time, and there is no chance of recurrence. But jewelry can brighten clothes, make clothes vivid, and brighten the overall style. However, jewelry alone is impossible, so jewelry and clothing are essential.


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