These five matching skills enable you to be skillful in various occasions(1)

  1. Jewelry matching at senior level of the workplace If you belong to the senior level of the workplace, you can fully support the scene only by combining your own atmosphere with jewelry. Simple emerald green is really good. Silver earrings and necklaces with emerald green can quickly set off the top quality. Simple and dignified, simple shirt with black pants, you are the most popular person in the workplace.




  1. Simple and fashionable parties Don't dress yourself seriously at parties that emphasize simplicity. It looks incompatible. At this time, give play to your temperament and look for accessories that can be integrated into the party. Choker is the best choice for you. Prefer jewelry, but who says Choker can't match jewelry? In the figure below, a simple black choker with a thick silver necklace will show your temperament soon. Simple bra with wide leg pants, do not need other fashion. You are the simplest and most fashionable in the whole party.


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