Suspension plastic assembled floor is good or thin

Suspended plastic assembled flooring not only has a variety of surface textures, but also has a wide range of colors and specifications. There are also a variety of floor thicknesses, such as 1.22 cm, 1.3 cm, 1.32 cm, 1.48 cm, 1.58 cm, 1.65 cm, 1.68 cm, 1.7 cm, 1.95 cm or even thicker or thinner. The thickness of the prefabricated elastic flat outdoor tennis court is varied. Then, when we choose, how should we choose? I believe that many people are entangled in this problem. The following SC-ZSfloor sports ground material is used to analyze whether we choose the suspension assembly floor or the thinner. Thick and good: The suspended floor adopts the suspension support structure design and the snap connection technology. The advantage is that the drainage effect is better, the construction is easy to install and maintain, and the service life is more than ten years. Compared with other traditional ground materials, it has very obvious advantage. The suspended floor does not accumulate water after rain, is not bound by the environment, and withstands pressure; the following are the four aspects of thick and thin contrast of SC-ZSfloor finishing: First, the thick suspension plastic floor is more effective than the thin suspension assembly floor drainage, and it is better for some dust sludge flushing. Second, the prefabricated futsal court has a more significant effect on the shock absorption than the thin suspended floor, which is more effective in protecting the safety of children and athletes. Third, the thick suspension assembly floor load bearing pressure performance is also very good, usually on the floor occasionally passing the car or temporarily docking the family car is no problem, but the thin suspended floor is much worse in this respect. Fourth, the thick suspended plastic floor material is sufficient, and it is thick in the hand, and the rebound rate of the ball is better than that of the thin floor, which can reach 95%-98%. Other aspects of athletic performance indicators are also better than thin. Thin suspension plastic flooring is mostly used in kindergartens, parks, and some outdoor leisure centers. It only needs to use the basic functions of the floor: such as anti-skid, water filtration, beautiful, and outdoor space where the cost is relatively high. Thick suspension assembling floors are mostly used in indoor and outdoor sports venues, such as golf courses, gymnasiums, sports centers and other professional venues. At the same time, the sports performance requirements of the flooring are relatively high, such as ball rebound rate, shock absorption, pressure resistance and other professional Stadium parameters. Therefore, when choosing a suspended floor, we must determine the thinness and thickness of the prefabricated interlocking indoor tennis court according to the type or actual situation of the site. Choose a suspension floor that suits you. Ok. Seeing this, I believe many small partners have a new understanding and understanding of the thickness of the suspended floor. SC-ZSfloor hopes that everyone can provide a little help in the selection and purchase of suspended floors. Welcome to pay attention to and collect us. The latest news is instantly shared with everyone.
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