Causes and solutions for low temperature and brittleness of slanting angle deformation of suspended assembled floor

The application of suspended assembled flooring in kindergartens, school playgrounds, indoor and outdoor sports venues and other occasions is becoming more and more common. However, many of the suspended floor products produced are prone to quality problems such as warpage, low temperature and brittleness. Today, SC-ZSfloor prefabricated elastic flat outdoor tennis court materials will analyze the causes and solutions for this situation. First let's take a look at the features of the assembled sports floor: 1. Suspended floor is a kind of soft plastic floor that can be laid directly on the hard ground, which reduces the rigidity of contact with the ground surface and can reduce the damage caused by accidental fall during exercise; 2, the prefabricated futsal court can be paved with a variety of different colors, and can also design complex graphics and patterns, compared to other types of floors of a single color, enhance the visual aesthetic of the venue; 3. Compared with conventional PVC sports flooring and PU rubber track materials, the suspended assembled floor is safer and more environmentally friendly due to the use of environmentally friendly PP materials without adding any toxic additives and other ingredients. 4. Each floor has an elastic card structure design, which can be easily paved and disassembled. However, many manufacturers of suspended assembly flooring often encounter the low temperature of the assembled floor when it is processed and produced, and it is easy to become warp after being molded for a period of time. What is the reason for this? SC-ZSfloor manufacturers have obtained the following reasons based on their own years of production and processing experience: The suspended assembled floor is made of PP polypropylene, which has a low embrittlement temperature. Generally, at a temperature of minus 10 ° C, the brittleness is large, which causes the floor to be brittle and cracked at low temperatures. PP polypropylene is a crystalline plastic, and warpage is a common defect. The shrinkage is evident during molding. For products with a thinner size and a larger aspect ratio, the shrinkage warpage is more pronounced. How should we improve the low temperature deformation and warpage of the assembled floor? You can start to solve the problem from the following two points: First, from the production and processing of the material formula ratio 1. Add special toughening agent, cold resistance agent, anti-aging agent, anti-ultraviolet and other additives to improve the low temperature brittleness of PP material; 2. Reducing the crystallinity of the PP polypropylene substrate compounding system; 3. Maintain the fluidity after mixing PP and polypropylene, and mix well. Second, mold production molding processing 1. A relatively high mold temperature is reached during processing and production; 2. Properly extend the pressure holding time after injection molding; After the composite modification of the PP polypropylene material for the prefabricated interlocking indoor tennis court, the hardness can be adjusted in the range of 70A~60D. The soft PP composite modified material actually belongs to the category of thermoplastic elastomer TPE.
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