Suspended assembled floor to create a colorful outdoor sports venue

I still remember the dusty playground in our childhood memories. I am still willing to follow the sports teacher to run and play on the playground. This is a memory of youth. The indoor tennis court interlocking mat manufacturers found that the children now feel happy. Whether in kindergarten or children's and children's places, all are kindergarten suspended floors, children in this dreamy place to learn to play, life is certainly happy. Suspended assembled floor is a new type of outdoor sports floor material. Its main raw materials are processed by non-toxic, harmless and odorless high-strength modified polypropylene PP material, which is waterproof, moisture-resistant, high-low temperature and long service life. The floor itself has a certain degree of flexibility and toughness, which can reduce the damage caused by accidental falls. The interlock commercial basketball court surface is rich in color, and can be selected from more than ten colors, which can be selected by the user. The sports venue can make the athletes full of sports desires; the paving in the kindergarten can make the children happy and play. Common colors are Ever Green, Spring Green, Olive Green, Red, Dark Red, Orange, Yellow, Light Blue. (Light Blue), Sky Blue, Ice Blue, Gray, Dark Blue. Of course, it is also possible to design and enrich the style according to the overall environment of the venue. It is possible to design different colorful patterns to increase the fun, so that the usability of the venue is greatly improved, and a unique outdoor interactive activity space is created. The suspended assembled floor is made by precision mold injection molding. The single piece has high dimensional accuracy and good interchangeability. After paving, each floor has high precision. At the same time, due to the different lattice structure, there is no visual appearance. The sense of dizziness, looking at it, the overall coordination and beauty, both practical and landscape effects, so now more and more kindergartens, basketball courts, badminton courts, stadiums floor new construction or renovation, have begun to use suspended floor as a ground material. The outdoor sports place uses the most critical safety of the ground material, and the suspended non-full-touch hollow structure can not play the water while preventing the floor from slipping. The reasonable design can make the space feel the maximum extension, and the construction is simple. It can be dismantled at will, and the usage time can reach more than ten years. Suspension-assembled flooring is widely used in various outdoor sports venues because of its environmental protection, easy maintenance, flexibility, flexibility, and fun. It can also design various patterns according to customers' needs, and the whole stadium is designed like a fairy tale. In the same way, the color is beautiful and changeable. The design of the interlock double tier sport flooring is more humane. Not only the color is bright, but also can effectively protect our ankles from harm during use. The children can feel the way of floating in the kindergarten. Crawling. Suspended floors are not only used in kindergartens and children's playgrounds, but many of them are now used in the home, and we can lay them out where children can reach them. That is good-looking and practical, why not.
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