Create a healthy paradise for children with assembled floors

Caring for children, not only should pay attention to diet and education, but also pay attention to whether the children's living environment is healthy. I believe many parents are afraid of the "poisonous runway" incident. Nowadays, assembled flooring has been widely used in kindergartens in many parts of China. Do you know why? The sc-zsfloor assembly floor manufacturer tells you. Floor products are indispensable materials for daily life, environmentally friendly low-carbon, zero-formaldehyde pollution, and the pursuit of such products for healthy consumption is even more popular. We can understand that the so-called "environmental flooring" refers to the manufacturer's protection of the environment. Adhere to the state of sustainable development, spontaneously produce pollution-free flooring for human health and the survival of future generations, and form recyclable resources. The commercial synthesis indoor tennis court uses food grade high impact modified polypropylene. It is more environmentally friendly and recyclable. Suitable for all kinds of extreme environments, high and low temperature, stable performance, very suitable for kindergartens and other places. Nowadays, kindergartens are paying more and more attention to outdoor design, because good outdoor design can make kindergarten activities more colorful and attract more parents and children. Most of the children like to play outdoors, but the traditional kindergarten floor is hard concrete floor or tile, which can not protect the children's outdoor activities. Therefore, the suspended assembled floor began to be put into use a lot, and its environmental protection effect is better, making it one of the preferred materials for kindergarten outdoor ground laying. The customizable interlocking running track is also more and more popular because of its many colors, styles and convenient care. Compared to traditional flooring materials, suspended flooring wins more than a little. Kindergarten floor pavement should pay attention to the children's activity room should be rigorously laying carpet, because the carpet is easy to absorb dust, coupled with children's resistance is not strong, especially in the spring and autumn, many children have dust allergic reactions, which is very unfavorable for children's health; It is also not suitable to lay foam puzzles in the activity room. These things contain formaldehyde and benzene, which are harmful to children's health. For the choice of indoor floor materials, kindergarten plastic flooring can be chosen. Plastic flooring is a new type of floor decoration material that is popular in Europe and the United States and even Asian countries such as Japan and South Korea. It is widely used in schools, kindergartens, early childhood centers and families. Some parents will pay attention to their children's exercise in order to have a healthy body, but considering the age and development, parents should understand some precautions so as not to cause harm to the child's body, so it will not be worth the loss. Next, the sc-zsfloor suspension floor manufacturer tells you about the preschool children's movements. First, develop an exercise plan for the baby, can not violate the child's growth and development rules, sc-zsfloor suspended floor manufacturers recommend consulting a doctor. Second, warm-up exercise is very important, sc-zsfloor sports floor manufacturers, this is also a good way to avoid children injured during exercise. Before exercise, encourage your child to do stretching exercises before and after exercise to increase flexibility and prevent muscle strain. Third, purchase protective equipment, such as the use of helmets when riding a bicycle, wearing knee pads and elbow pads when riding a single row of rollers. Fourth, if the parents find that the child has symptoms such as pain, dizziness, dizziness or extreme fatigue, the exercise should be terminated in time. Fifth, purchase customized synthesis wood look indoor sport flooring, let the children exercise in an environmentally friendly and safe environment.
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