PVC plastic floor factory analyzes 7 common mistakes in floor consumption

Misunderstanding 1: Floor manufacturers advocate that they are factory direct sales Bad phenomenon: In order to gain consumer trust, the merchant claims to be a factory direct sales, and the floor price is the ex-factory price. Countermeasures: For consumers, it is difficult to judge whether it is factory direct sales. At present, most of the floors are sold by dealers, even if they are directly operated by the factory, they are not necessarily ex-factory prices. Because manufacturers protect the interests of dealers, they will not all be ex-factory prices. This requires consumers to have an investigation and make a judgment. In general, the ex-factory price may be there, but not every day. Myth 2: The more expensive the interlock intelligent creation of sports flooring brand, the better. Bad phenomenon: In recent years, no matter whether it is the food industry or the household industry, there are more or less the phenomenon of substandard quality and price confusion. A considerable number of consumers regard price as the primary condition for choosing the floor, and even think that "the floor is cheap and not good", blindly pursuing the high-end expensive floor. Response measures: Some merchants sell “cottage” floors for profiteering, and use high-quality floors with high formaldehyde and anti-skid effects to mark high-priced floors, so consumers should not only look at the price when purchasing the floor, but also Pay attention to the quality of the floor, it is best to do your homework beforehand, and then make a decision. Misunderstanding 3: Excessive selection of floor color Bad phenomenon: Many consumers like to choose the floor with the intuitive color, just like to buy clothes, too much emphasis on the color of the floor to meet their own aesthetic standards. Response: The essence of the selection of the floor is not to choose the color, but to see if it is practical. The characteristics of the floor, including chromatic aberration, crusting, dry shrinkage and swelling, etc., have excellent characteristics. Especially the solid wood flooring is a natural product, and its color is naturally formed. If the interlocking intelligent creation of sports flooring color is excessively emphasized, it is likely to be the same as the interior decoration. Lost the original intention of nature and originality. Myth 4: The baseboard of the floor is not important Bad phenomenon: When most consumers buy the floor, the attention is completely placed on the floor itself, ignoring the role of the baseboard, which has buried a lot of hidden dangers for the quality of the floor. Response measures: The role of the skirting line should not be underestimated. Nowadays, regular brands basically implement kick-off charges, and separating them from products can not only reduce costs, but also give consumers more choices. Free gift is a common practice for small brands and some miscellaneous brands. They have already included the price of the accessories, and they are basically low-priced accessories in order to gain greater benefits, so consumers should not be cheap and keep their eyes open. Carefully identify. Misunderstanding 5: Summer installation and construction problems are prone to problems Bad phenomenon: I believe that consumers who have such an idea account for the vast majority, and the perception of problems in summer construction is one-sided. Countermeasures: The summer temperature is high, the water is more volatile, these conditions are conducive to construction, sc-zsfloor sports flooring manufacturers, as long as the treatment is safe, reasonable and efficient construction, in accordance with the normal construction process, construction procedures to do each Work can also make satisfactory projects. Misunderstanding 6: Do not pay attention to the choice of glue when purchasing laminate flooring Bad phenomenon: The composite floor often has deformation and cracks. The big reason is the quality of the selected glue. The glue that does not have the environmental protection function can easily cause the indoor formaldehyde content to exceed the standard. Countermeasures: When selecting the outdoor soft elastic flooring for kindergarten interlocking, it is necessary to use more than half an hour to carefully select the glue. Sales personnel sometimes sell the glue produced by the floor brand manufacturer to the consumer, which is also a good choice. Misunderstanding 7: After installing the floor, the installation is a PVC plastic floor manufacturer. Bad phenomenon: There is a saying in the flooring industry “three-point floor, seven-point installation”. It can be seen that the installation process of the floor is very important. However, most of the consumers now ignore this link. They think that the choice of the floor is complete, and their responsibility is completed. I don’t know if the installation is good or bad. According to relevant statistics, 90% of floor complaints are caused by improper paving. It can be seen that the quality of the flooring products is good, and if the service is not appropriate, it still has a great impact on the brand credibility. Countermeasures: When you choose the floor you want, you must communicate with the floor manufacturer in time to understand their installation plan, and feedback the factors such as water, electricity, steam, wood and paint to the merchant, sc-zsfloor Sports floor manufacturers can only be installed with confidence.
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