Three misunderstandings about the floating assembly sports floor

Suspension sports assembled flooring has been popular in the 3x3 multi-use basketball court flooring market for decades due to its unique suspension structure design, comfortable sports touch, and high cost performance. It is recognized by more and more consumers. However, while this kind of sports flooring produced from PP polypropylene raw materials is widely used, there are a small number of consumers who are still trapped in the blind zone of misunderstanding of suspended assembly floor, which even affects the maximum performance of its performance. The consumer sports life in the misunderstanding also brings a lot of inconvenience! Today sc-zsfloor sports ground material for you to correct three misunderstandings of many people on the suspended floor! Misunderstanding 1: Flame retardant is not burning We know that suspended commercial interlocking volleyball court flooring is generally flame retardant. However, some users use the lighter to point the PP floor directly for the so-called "verify the floor is good or bad", to see if it can be burned, it is not fireproof, it does not burn. It is flame retardant. In fact, the national requirements for the fire level of PP floor to meet the B1 level, according to the national standard non-combustible materials designated as fire A grade, such as stone, tile and so on. The technology of the B1 flame retardant standard contains a cotton ball with a diameter of 10mm. The alcohol is placed on the PP floor and burned naturally. After the cotton ball is burned out, the diameter of the burnt PP floor mark is measured, such as less than 50mm. Is the B1 flame retardant standard. Instead of watching it burn, you can't burn it. 2, misunderstanding 2: wear-resistant is to use the sharps will not scratch Some users ask about the service life and wear resistance of the suspended sports floor, and take out sharp tools such as knives or keys, and scratch the surface of the floor. If there are scratches, it is considered not to be wear-resistant. In fact, the country's PP floor wear resistance test is not simply using a sharp tool on the surface. It is a flat-bottomed sanding disc. The test floor is sanded under the condition of 1Kg of pressure. After the rotation and grinding, the floor surface is wear-resistant. The layer is worn to expose the number of revolutions of the substrate. The number of revolutions of this node is an indicator of the wear resistance of the suspended floor. For example, the number of composite floor turns is 1500 rpm. Therefore, the wear resistance of the suspended floor is determined by the national testing agency. 3, Misunderstanding 3: smelling with the nose is not environmentally friendly More specifically, it should be that a suspended floor with a strong pungent odor is not environmentally friendly. The material used in the commercial prefabricated interlocking running track is free of formaldehyde. It is also not allowed to use or add formaldehyde in the production process. The qualified suspended plastic floor should be 100% formaldehyde free, and there may be fragrances and additives. The smell will not cause harm to people's bodies, nor will it make people feel uncomfortable. At present, some companies or manufacturers of sports flooring are produced by glue bonding. Because the glue contains formaldehyde, such a floor has a pungent smell, which will affect people's health. Therefore, it is also important to choose high quality qualified glue.
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