How to judge the quality of steel coil

Due to the increasing use, a variety of methods for identifying the quality of galvanized steel coils have been created. galvanized steel coils have many advantages in use, so there are so many people who purchase hot-dip galvanized steel coils. China galvanized steel coil supplier come to teach you how to compare quality galvanized steel coils. First is a more traditional method of identification, that is to look at the surface. Generally good galvanized steel coil surface is very smooth without any impurities, there is the identification of galvanized steel strip material, usually the quality of the regular manufacturer's product is relatively hard, the inferior product will be relatively soft. An important step in the processing of galvanized steel coils is galvanizing. We can also check the quality of this product by looking at the amount of galvanizing. This inspection method is very simple, just look at how much galvanized steel coils are galvanized. There is a certain standard for the galvanizing of good quality products, and the galvanized layer is relatively uniform, because a regular Chinese galvanized steel coil manufacturer has a good hot-dip galvanized steel coil equipment, and there will be no galvanizing. Non-standard and uneven galvanizing.
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