Why do you choose a floating assembly floor for outdoor sports?

   Why do you choose a floating assembly floor for outdoor sports? Why is the suspension of assembled sports flooring the best choice for outdoor sports floor! The following is a detailed explanation of the superior performance of the procurement futsal court.    The weather has gradually warmed up and warmed up, and more and more sports enthusiasts have been active in various sports venues such as basketball courts and stadiums. Winter is far away from us, and there are many benefits to the body during outdoor activities, but you should also pay attention to safety issues during exercise. The most common injury during exercise is an ankle sprain. The lighter part is only slightly painful. The severe one can present bruises and swelling of the entire foot surface. It is very difficult to walk. It can be seen how important it is to choose a sporty and sporty sports floor.    The suspended assembled floor has the following significant advantages:    1. The common support foot setting determines that the procurement grid unity sport flooring has better bearing capacity and pressure resistance than other floors. Each suspension-assembled floor has a number of small supporting feet, forming an elastic matrix that mitigates the impact (the shock absorption rate of the sc-zsfloor suspension assembled sports floor is more than 15%), which forms the most for the athlete's knees, ankles, back and cervical vertebrae. Good protection prevents damage caused by improper impact.    2. There is a common drainage track to quickly discharge the water together. After the rain, there is no water in the site. It is very good to prevent the ankle sprain caused by the ground slip, so that the playground can still be used normally and safely after the rain.    3. Surface texture pattern, no light absorption, no glare, anti-glare, better protection of athletes' eyes, less fatigue; surface layer with low heat reflection, no sweat, no moisture, no residual odor.    4. Each floor can ensure a gap of 1mm, which can not only regulate the subtle changes of thermal expansion and contraction, but also ensure the strong level of athletes' strenuous exercise under the premise of the best traction. Impact to prevent athletes from hurting their lower limbs.    Life is in motion, and life is wonderful because of movement. Now that the country is vigorously advocating the national movement, please let the removable elastic knight sport flooring become part of your life.
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