Microdose Mushrooms Helps Me Remember Why I cut In The First Place.

When I started Dry January this year, I had hoped that microdosing would help. I've been doing this intermittently for the past year, but since early 2022 I've been keeping a more careful record of my microdosing, including logging how I felt on the days I've been microdosing
I do this every third day, it's not recommended to microdose mushrooms every day as your body can build up a resistance.
I've been without a drink for 10 days now probably the longest I've been without a drink in 10 years and I feel great. I am more sane, more energetic and more creative.
These are all effects I've noticed from microdosing while still drinking in the past. Perhaps now the two are working in harmony: microdosing and lack of alcohol combine to improve my mood, and it's easier to stay sober because I'm in a better frame of mind overall.
I recently had a fan reaching out to me on Instagram saying that she was microdosing to stop using cocaine,' Michelle tells me via Zoom from her home in southern Mexico.
She said she microdosed and still had Coke every weekend, she said. I didn't really know what to say to him because, you know, it doesn't quite happen. Microdosing can be a tool, but you have to come to it with the right intentions.
You need to want to change your behavior. Microdosing can certainly help, but it won't solve your problems for you.'
Using a pseudonym, Tom drank heavily several times a week (defined by the NHS as more than eight units in one session) to cope with his high-stress job. He took a full dose of psilocybin six months ago and has followed this experience with regular careful microdosing ever since. He now drinks seldom a week and much less than on weekends.
“The first trip was really intense and made me realize that I was drinking out of boredom rather than stress,” he explained. It was as if my brain had two modes: totally stressed or bored. It's like I forgot to be on a scale once in a while.
So I was drinking to get another mood.' Once he grasped that, the drink lost its appeal. With microdosing, Tom feels he can more easily remember this experience and keep the good intentions he set after his first trip.
Psilocybin, like other psychedelic drugs, is understood as a useful way to unlock introspection and access thought processes we may not have understood before. It even happens successfully used as an aid to therapy to help people suffering from severe trauma go deeper into the subconscious – with stunning results.
Small doses, too small to be felt on a conscious level, can be enough to deftly influence how the brain copes with everyday challenges: from a creative problem at work to resisting the urge to hit the bar hard at 6pm.
Michelle pointed out that one of the benefits of microdose mushrooms can be a great tool for cultivating self-awareness. 'It's good to keep a diary next to microdosing.
Just take this time to take care of yourself and notice how you feel. You have to talk to yourself to understand why you are doing some things.'
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