Some Crucial Information on Cannabis Concentrates

Have you ever thought about cannabis concentrates, the unique differences that they have, the way that they are extracted, and the reasons why they are as popular as they are? Well, you need not worry as that is what we would be dealing with over here. Over here we would talk about cannabis concentrates, how they are different from the other products that are made using cannabis, the way that they are extracted, etc. We hope that this would provide you with a good idea of products such as mail order concentrates. We also feel that this knowledge would let you choose the right product.



What Is Extraction?


Marijuana concentrates are precisely what they sound like. They are concentrated forms of cannabinoids such as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) along with the terpenes that are extracted from the marijuana flower. In these cases, the flower is subjected to a process that is called extraction – one that creates a substance that is often gooey and normally smaller. This allows the users of cannabis like you to experience the effects of the flower without the plant material. It is not as if you cannot order hash online but this product is great as well. In such a reduced form some of these concentrates could let you experience higher levels of THC as well – in the region of 50-90%! 


You may be wondering how these concentrates are different from other methods of consuming cannabis. Now, there are several ways in which this happens. Normally, concentrates might offer you a higher degree of potency. There are various ways in which you can consume them such as vape pens, dab rigs, tinctures, and edibles. It helps that cannabis concentrates come in a wide variety. It also helps that they do not contain any plant material. You can always buy Phoenix Tears if you want. 


There are various ways in which these concentrates are extracted. However, the two basic methods, in this case, are solvent-less extractions and solvent-based extractions. You should know this before you try the 1 ounce weed deals. Solvent-based extractions are exactly what they sound like whereby they use chemical compounds such as butane, ethanol, carbon dioxide, or propane for dissolving the plant and carefully stripping out the terpenes and the cannabinoids. The solvent-less extractions, on the other hand, do not use any chemicals. Instead, they use physical methods that utilize factors such as pressure, temperature, or filtration of the plant material to extract the concentrate. 

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