The use of fiberglass grille

The high quality biaxial fiberglass geogrid is an excellent geosynthetic material used for pavement reinforcement, old road reinforcement, reinforcement of roadbed and soft soil foundation. It has become an irreplaceable material in the application of reflective cracking on asphalt pavement. It has high tensile strength and low elongation in both directions of warp and weft, and has excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, low cold resistance, anti-aging and corrosion resistance. It is widely used in asphalt pavement, cement pavement and roadbed reinforcement and railway. Subgrade, dam slope protection, airport runway, sand control and other engineering projects. The fiberglass geogrid is made of high-quality reinforced alkali-free glass fiber yarn. It is woven into a substrate by foreign advanced warp knitting machine. It adopts warp-knitted oriented structure to make full use of the yarn strength in the fabric to improve its mechanical properties and make it have good performance. Tensile strength, tear strength and creep resistance, and a planar network material coated with high quality modified asphalt. Geogrid follows the principle of similar compatibility, highlights its composite performance with asphalt mixture, and fully protects the glass fiber substrate, greatly improving the wear resistance and shear resistance of the substrate, thereby enabling it to be used for road surface reinforcement and resistance. The occurrence of road diseases such as cracks and ruts has ended the difficult problem of asphalt pavement.
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