The Most Useful Mushroom Edibles

Peck's Hydnellum 
This mushroom can be found both in the New World and the Old. On the North American continent, this fungus is aptly called the "bleeding tooth" because of the droplets of red liquid that stand out on the fruiting body.
Despite the unpleasant appearance, the Mushroom Edibles is not poisonous. Nevertheless, we do not advise you to try it, since Gidnellum is very bitter in taste.
Trembling orange 
This fungus grows more often on dead trees, but also on recently fallen branches. It is widely found in mixed forests and is common in temperate and tropical regions, including Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North and South America.
The mushroom is edible, although it is considered tasteless. This fungus produces carbohydrates that are of value for research.

Amethyst lacquer 
These purple mushrooms are found in temperate forests of both North America and Eurasia. As the "aging" fruit bodies of the lacquer lose their purple color. Despite their "terrible" appearance, these mushrooms are edible.
Veiled Lady 
Phallus indusiatus belongs to the Veselkov family. An unusual feature of this mushroom is the presence of a lacy "veil" that envelops the fruiting body of this "lady".
The cap of the mushroom is covered with a green-brown slime that attracts insects. They are actively involved in the spread of disputes. Phallus indusiatus is found in South Asia, Africa, Australia and the Americas.
The mushroom is edible and in China is quite widely used in the preparation of various dishes.
Bioluminescent Mushrooms 
These unusual night-glowing mushrooms are found in the subtropical and tropical forests of Southeast Asia, Polynesia, Sri Lanka, Australia and Brazil. The most intense bioluminescence of these fungi is observed at a temperature of 21 degrees Celsius.
Mutinus caninus 
This mushroom can be found in Europe, Asia and North America. Due to the specific shape of the fruiting body, this fungus is popularly known as "dog ...".  As long as the fruiting body is in the egg shell, it is edible.
Blue Entoloma 
This wonderful blue mushroom can be found in the rainforests of India and New Zealand. There is no information in the literature about whether this mushroom is edible or not. Apparently, the rich blue color dispelled all doubts among New
Zealand mushroom pickers regarding the potential toxicity of the fungus. The blue mushroom, due to its unusual coloration, ended up on the New Zealand $50 banknote.
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