Pallet Rack Tips- hybrid racking system

Carton Flow rack makes it possible to save space by reducing the number aisles. This type of system has the advantage of allowing you to access each pallet directly. Mobile Pallet Racks are used frequently in cold stores and freezers, where space efficiency is a key factor.


Space Saving


Hybrid Rack is generally a multi-level, structured unit used for holding a stack heavy pallet. This type of storage is very popular in nearly every industry. Storage space is becoming increasingly scarce and expensive. It has become more important to maximize space. Pallet racks are being converted to mobile pallet racks.


Each rack is mounted to a mobile base frame. The height of the base frame is normally limited to 245mm. Because there are many motors within the base frame, the driving power is evenly distributed. The wheels and axles made from special, high-quality steel are suitable for extremely high loads, often 12 to 18 tons per tire.


This new technology adds an electronic guiding system to mobile pallet rack systems. It is used to track the movement of the mobile base frame. Problems such as wheel twisting or jamming, derailment and obstructions can be solved. The sensor will not follow the path of the optimal path due to obstructions or blockages. This will cause the drive to stop and prevent further damage.


Archive storage


Archive Storage rack custom-made for your needs. Our record storage solutions have helped many industries maximize their storage space for decades. We are the industry leader in providing archival storage racks and record storage solutions. Extra storage space is essential if you want your business to grow quickly. Distribution X has a wide range of archival storage racks that can be customized to your specific needs. This includes steel shelving as well as medical and Xray shelving.




Carton Flow Rack System For storing components in a typical warehouse, they are made with metal or plastic roller systems. They use well inclined gravity loads and flow loads that slide over guide rolls. Carton Flow racks can be installed in general warehouse manufacturing facilities, either on the side of assembly lines or in commodity storage centers. Distribution X is committed to providing the best products and services on the market.


Some Carton Flow LIFO Systems are available, but our most common customers use FIFO Industrial Shelving Systems or more commonly Carton Live Storage Racking Systems. Equipped with fed conveyor rollers.


A hybrid racking system provides full visibility to inventory levels on the "conveyor", so that picking aisles are filled and replenishment of storage solutions can be done simultaneously with the "picking". High efficiency warehouse racking system that reduces stoppages and downtime. FIFO storage solutions minimize storage time and preserve inventory freshness.

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