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Coinbase Wallet Address holds a significant place to carry out trading activities. The knowledge of your wallet address becomes essential if someone is sending funds to your wallet. It is advised to pay attention to the wallet address when you are sending it to anyone to avoid the loss of your money.

The address is created to secure your funds with the help of private keys. In case you are not aware of your Coinbase Wallet address, need not worry. You are at the right place- we are here to answer the question for you. It is advised to ask the other person to first send a small percentage of the amount after sharing the wallet address. Have a look at the steps underneath to know your correct wallet address.

Begin with signing into the Coinbase account

Opt “Receive”

  • After, clicking on the double-arrow icon, a list of options will be displayed
  • Select “Receive” from the list displayed and now, you will be able to receive the funds from any other wallet

Click on “BTC wallet” for getting the address

After hitting the “Receive” option you will land on the page with having Bitcoin wallet address. This page will show your Bitcoin holdings. If you wish to receive any other cryptocurrency, then you would have to change the wallet address. To do so, follow these steps

  • Click on the “BTC wallet” tab
  • Now, select the asset that you want to receive, from the list of assets opened up before you
  • Tap on the desired asset
  • After selecting the desired asset, the wallet page of that asset will be opened up
  • Recheck the wallet 
  • Now copy the wallet address and share it by choosing “Share Address”

 You are now all set to make the transaction.

Final words

Coinbase Wallet can be re-used every time you wish to make a transaction. But keeping the security factor in mind it is advised to create a unique wallet address for operating every transaction. The wallet address plays a vital role because a wrong wallet address may result in the loss of money as cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible. If you are looking to set up a Coinbase wallet, you can refer to and then work with the wallet address. 


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