Comparison of PVC sports flooring and solid wood sports flooring

1. PVC sports flooring is used in a wider range of applications: PVC sports flooring is the best choice for all ball games in international official competitions, including basketball. The internationally recognized sports venues for badminton, table tennis, volleyball and handball generally use PVC sports flooring. Compared with customized synthesis wood look indoor sport flooring, PVC sports flooring has better safety, shock absorption and rebound performance. The use of solid wood sports flooring is relatively narrow. In addition, the installation of solid wood sports flooring is more complicated, and it can not meet the needs of customers to do mobile sites. The PVC sports floor is easy to install, and the movable sports floor can also meet the special needs of customers to do mobile. 2. PVC sports floor sports performance is superior: Compared with solid wood sports flooring, detachable synthetic indoor tennis court has superior sports performance, mainly reflected in the following aspects: • Comfort. In general, the comfort of the sports floor from high to low is: PVC plastic sports floor - acrylic (polyurethane) sports floor - rubber floor - solid wood sports floor. • Tremor – point tremor and regional tremor. Regional tremor refers to the extent to which the floor is deformed by impact. The larger the tremor range, the more likely it is to cause a fracture. The tremor of a solid wood sports floor is a typical regional tremor. Due to the closed honeycomb structure, the PVC sports floor has a small tremor range and is a point tremor, which protects the athlete's body to the utmost extent. • Shock absorption. In order to protect the user and reduce the impact force, the solid wood sports floor adopts the method of adding rubber cushion or pad to improve the elasticity, but as the rubber ages, the function of absorbing the force also decreases. 3. PVC sports flooring has better cost performance: The real professional solid wood sports flooring is expensive. Due to the different grades of flooring materials and different structures, the price of customized portable backyard court basketball sport flooring is also quite different. Generally, it can be roughly divided into three grades: high, medium and low. High-end sports flooring generally uses North American maple wood as the surface layer, the price is about 1000 yuan / square meter; mid-range sports flooring generally uses domestic maple wood as the surface layer price of 600 yuan / square meter; low-end is The use of composite or laminate flooring such as eucalyptus as the floor price is around RMB 350/sq. Take a standard basketball court of 800 square meters as an example. If you choose a mid-range sports floor, the total cost is about 500,000 yuan. Therefore, many users who want to use professional sports wood flooring finally choose ordinary wood flooring, and ordinary wood flooring has simple structure and does not have the characteristics of sports flooring (impact absorption, resonance absorption, friction coefficient, resilience, rolling composite). Etc.) This fundamentally increases the risk of injury to athletes. The PVC plastic sports floor will undoubtedly provide a better choice for the majority of users, and fundamentally solve the worries of athletes. 4. The daily maintenance of PVC sports flooring is more convenient and less expensive: Solid wood sports flooring requires professional maintenance and maintenance costs are high (for some floors, the annual maintenance cost may be equivalent to the price of the floor), while the PVC plastic sports floor surface is treated with anti-fouling and anti-fouling treatment. It can be cleaned and maintained by non-professionals. For daily cleaning, just use a damp mop.
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