Heart Engagement Rings: How To Choose The Symbol Of Love

The shape of a heart symbolizes love. This craze or fascination has remained in vogue for centuries, with ardent suitors often declaring their intention by gifting a love-shaped card or ending their letters with numerous hearts drawn on paper. The crux of the matter comes when you are all-ago about putting one of those heart engagement rings on her beautiful finger. 

Sure, the idea is romantic. However, you would be surprised to learn that cutting a gorgeous diamond in the form of a heart was unknown just a few centuries ago. Well, there are multiple reasons for failing to insist on a heart-shaped stone even today. 

For one, you would need to source relatively bigger-sized gemstones or diamonds. The one that would be cut in the shape of a heart must be sold be at least 0.5 carats in weight. Otherwise, the sharpness and roundness of the heart would be lost. 

However, you may always go ahead and opt for a heart shape when you are agreeable to investing in a bigger diamond. It is indeed going to please your love greatly. Be careful about the following features when in the market for a heart-shaped diamond. 

Here are a few tips for you to contemplate on: -

Outline & Symmetry

You must have the diamond cut just to mimic the shape of a heart as depicted in pictures. While the left and right sides of the gemstone should match perfectly with the end tapering to a sharp. 

A heart that does not resemble a traditional heart may not earn the affection of your lady either. Hence, it is prudent to advise the jeweler about the exact shape of the center stone. It would be safe to opt for a cut wherein the width of the diamond is a trifle more than the length. 

You may not identify a good heart-shaped stone at a jewelry store. It is best to try the following tips to achieve your objective, especially when you do not want to choose any alternative shape: -

Draw an imaginary line down the middle of the diamond you are observing and check whether each side is identical to other. 

Grab up the stone if its length to width ratio is 1:1 to 1:1.2

You would be well advised to ignore the diamonds that look a tad askew with poor length-to-width ratio, inappropriately shaped wings, or undefined points. 


Of the 4Cs used to test perfection in a diamond, the heart-shaped cut should be of amazing quality. It would help to pick up the stone and view it in bright light. A diamond that reveals multiple inclusions must be avoided. 


Heart engagement rings with doubtful clarity, and those containing a lot of inclusions to affect the eye-clean status are sure to affect its beauty adversely. Moreover, such diamonds are likely to have less durability too. 


Do not go overboard by trying intricate settings when you want the likeness to the heart visible. Gemmologists recommend solitaire or sophisticated halo designs for heart engagement rings

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