For each Act of Diablo 2: Resurrected here are the best farming locations

For the first time in Diablo 2: Resurrection, or even in the original version, players are tasked with the seemingly impossible: defeating the three Prime Evils on their own because Tyrael is too lazy to do so and everyone else in Sanctuary is either dysfunctional, intoxicated, or dying. So, how do players go about accomplishing this goal? By gaining control over one's destiny. And how do they rise to such prominence? We achieve this by repeating the same actions over and over.


The Forgotten Tower, Black Marsh (also known as Countess Run), and the Countess Run (Act 1)


- One thing to keep in mind about the Forgotten Tower is that it isn't exactly a farming zone for the endgame

- This implies that there are more favorable locations for high-level Enigma Runeword farming

- It does, however, contain a mini-boss or Unique Monster that drops a large number of other useful Runes

- That would be the Countess, to be precise

- As a result, farming in the Forgotten Tower, which can be found in Black Marsh, is referred to as a Countess Run

- All that is required of players is that they enter the area, slaughter everything maniacal and stinky that moves, and then grab the Runes at the end of the area before repeating

- The least they'll get is some starter or stepping stone Runewords as a thank you for their efforts

'The Pit' in the Tamoe Highlands (Act I).

As a result, which Act 1 area will players want to visit if they're playing on Hell difficulty and want to get a good boost in equipment? The Pit is a location in Tamoe Highlands. Located on the second level of this cave dungeon, there is a golden chest that contains a plethora of useful items. Players are only required to bring their Magic Find gear and participate in the standard Pit run. The terrain is simple enough—perhaps even simpler than the Countess Run—that many people can get away with using substandard equipment. Players will have to teleport to the Outer Cloister instead, and then travel out to Tamoe Highlands in order to find The Pit in a short amount of time.

Far Oasis (Act 2): Maggot Lair, Far Oasis

We now move on to Act 2. The Maggot Lair, which can be found somewhere in the Far Oasis, is one of the most entertaining dungeons in that phase of the game. The area is simply a series of tunnels with a high concentration of enemies, as well as a reasonable set of rewards at the end of the journey. Making the farm run with a Bonemancer or an Amazon build is simple and straightforward. Some players dislike this because it isn't exactly optimal for certain builds, which is why they don't like it. Even melee-focused characters such as Frenzy or Whirlwind Barbarians will have a safe time in this area because enemies tend to block one another. They're essentially forming a queue to be eliminated.


Lost City (Act 2): Ancient Tunnels and the Lost City

The Ancient Tunnels are a location that many people are familiar with. To be completely honest, it's just a re-skin or re-use of the Sewers layout that existed under Lut Gholein. That's not necessarily a bad thing because Diablo 2 Resurrected ladder rune (show details) indicates that the enemy's concentration in the area is exceptional. Furthermore, even on Hell difficulty, the Ancient Tunnels contain enemies that do not deal Cold damage or have immunity to status effects. As a result, it is a popular farming location, particularly for Blizzard Sorceress builds. At the conclusion of the dungeon, a sprite of a sparkling treasure chest containing endgame items will spawn, along with a variety of random Unique Monsters. Once again, make sure to bring Magic Find gear, or make up for a lack of it by repeating the run several times more.

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