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The eminent Ethereum trading wallet-MetaMask allows its users to trade on the Ethereum blockchain. This platform allows its users to send, store, and swap crypto tokens securely by keeping their identities anonymous. Once you set up your software wallet account on MetaMask, you can also connect a hardware wallet to your account. Here in this read, we are going to talk about the way to connect a Trezor device to MetaMask to trade ETH tokens. So, if you are also looking to use your Trezor device on MetaMask, you can easily do so with the help of the quick steps that we are going to discuss below in this post. You might be asked to provide the Trezor and MetaMask Wallet Extension seed phrase or password details to complete this process.

MetaMask users can use their mobile or web wallet based on the hardware device that they want to connect. If you have a hardware device that can be connected only to a PC need to install the MetaMask Wallet extension on their PC. Now, without taking much time, let’s move forward to connect MetaMask with Trezor.

The procedure to connect a Trezor on MetaMask

Before approaching the steps that are listed below, make sure that you have MetaMask and Trezor Wallet login details and that your device is connected to a secured internet connection. If you have not installed the MetaMask Wallet extension yet on your PC, you should visit the webpage to add the extension immediately.

  1. Open the browser on which you have added the MetaMask extension
  2. If you are prompted to enter the password, type the password details correctly
  3. Or provide the MetaMask recovery details to recover your wallet account
  4. Now, go to the profile and click on it to find more options
  5. From the options, click the ‘Connect a hardware wallet’ option
  6. Now, connect your Trezor and then type the wallet password or private key details
  7. Once you finish entering the required details, click the ‘Connect’ button
  8. Finally, you have connected a hardware wallet to your MetaMask Wallet

After approaching the above steps, you will be able to store your ERC-20 offline as well via your Trezor device.


To sum up, users of MetaMask can easily link a hardware wallet to their account by accessing the account. If you are locked out of MetaMask, you may need to provide password or seed phrase details to access the wallet. In the above sections, we have mentioned some easy and quick steps to access and link the MetaMask Wallet to a Trezor device. To avoid issues, you are asked to enter the MetaMask and Trezor sign-in details correctly. For now, we are sure that you have linked your Metamask chrome extension to a Trezor device by referring to this post.            


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