The Ultimate Guide To Mushroom Chocolates

What's the absolute humidity Mushroom Chocolates content of air the enthalpy of air further and further farmers have an app handy that reads these values. I always ask," What do you do with this data?" I do not always get an answer. Because it's not about figures. The stylish way to understand this is to use a sponger as an illustration. It's veritably clear and you can combine it with the Mollier map. Use this link to download the multicolored Mollier illustration.

Air can be compared to a sponger. As air cools?

It shrinks This means it holds lower humidity. The same thing happens if you squeeze a wet sponger. So how does this work in the Mollier illustration? Draw the blue line straight down and the map will literally show you what is going on. Temperature drops and RH rises. Following the lines on the Mollier illustration gives you sapience into what's passing with the climate.

Simply reading the values in an operation doesn't give you the same understanding. My gospel is to draw lines on the map. By doing this, you will learn a lot further about climate goods than just reading a many figures!

Conclusion Download the Mollier map and place it near the climate regulator so you can more understand what the climate regulator isdoing.However, there are two options.

If this doesn'twork.The introductory settings of the climate regulator are incorrect. In my consulting part, I frequently ask," Why is the grow room climate set this way?" The answer is occasionally," The computer controls and regulates the climate." But who controls the computer? Yes, so you need to understand how it works! If not, ask your counsel or installer for help.

You do not completely understand how the Mollier map works. For a good step- by- step explanation, take a look at Chapter 6 on the Mollier illustration in the Mushroom Signals book. This chapter easily explains all the principles of reading and understanding the map.

Mark den Ouden, Mushroom Office

Picking mushrooms is further than just pulling them out of the bed. Handling and picking the right mushrooms is vital. Creating space to allow them to grow bigger is not just for yield. A mushroom with enough space has better evaporation and will maintain quality more, longer and also have a better shelf life. Handling mushrooms can affect quality and shelf life.

Picking damage to mushrooms affects shelf quality and can be avoided by good chooser training and supervision. Especially at the morning of washing, when the mushrooms have to be separated, the damage is easy. At this stage, it's important to concentrate on the quality of the separation, not the speed of picking. Separation takes time and selecting will be low.

On some granges, selectors are paid an hourly rate, which will take the pressure off of making the right quantum of kilos and allow the chooser to concentrate on the quality of the split. As you can see in the image below, it's what's generally seen after separation.

removing only a many mushrooms, a many other mushrooms are damaged and will noway grow at top quality again.

What's a good separation?

Well of course that depends on what kind of mushroom size you want and how numerous needles are developed. When you want large sized mushrooms, of course you give them more space, and when you're aiming for lower sized mushrooms, leaving them a little tighter will be more salutary. What really matters is how you do the separation.

In practice, it frequently happens that too numerous small mushrooms are picked to separate where the same result could have been achieved by picking lower.

The first rule for separation is; always pick the mushroom in the middle of the narrow area. When you do this, you'll see that just by picking one mushroom you can produce space for numerous further around it.

When you keep running out of space, of course pick more, but start in the middle and you will minimize the number of mushrooms you have to pick to separate. Which size is chosen during the separation isn't the main thing, as long as you only choose from narrow areas.

Once the space is created, we must allow the mushrooms to grow to their maximum size to get a good yield. still, this means that we've to pick them just in time, else we will lose quality. thus, numerous granges have trained selectors in the picky selecting system.

This means opting the right mushrooms to pick and leaving.

the others to give them the change to grow more. We can do this by overpicking the apartments several times a day and with each pass picking the biggest mushrooms and creating space where demanded.

All day harvesting of 60 mm mushrooms is attainable if done impeccably. A mushroom doubles in size every 24 hours and will increase in weight by 4 every hour, in weight, not size. Making a pass every 2 hours can give amazing results and can be made much easier with electric selecting wagons. Good planning should be done for each picking day to insure you have the right number of selectors. The lack of selectors can beget quality loss, too high harvesting costs, as the mushrooms don't have time to grow to their full eventuality. Make the right choice daily!!

Just to give you an idea of growing mushrooms. We all know that it doubles its weight every 24 hours. That means we get 4 further every hour, look at the table below how this works out with a single 40 mm mushroom importing an normal of 22 grams.

So we get 27 further weight from each mushroom if you leave it to grow 5 mm more.

It seems clear to me that it'll be salutary to make several passes daily and let the mushrooms, which have room and are still strong enough, grow. Of course, only if you did the proper separation in the morning.

erecting a good crop platoon is thus veritably important and every ranch needs a good illustration of leadership with an eye for detail to lead this process. Good crop operation can make or break all sweats from earlier stages. Training and a good system will bring you numerous advantages and a quality that stands out.

Each ranch should have a designated coach who'll train the new selectors to perfection. Flash back that it's easier to train a new chooser when you are spending time also retraining selectors with bad habits.

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