How to Withdraw Money from eToro - The Complete Guide

On eToro, withdrawal processing is only done during business hours, which are workdays of the week; Monday to Friday. It is regarded as a non-working day if it coincides with a public or bank holiday.To get more news about eToro Fund Withdrawal, you can visit official website.

All requests submitted on non-working days or after the deadline will be handled the next business day.
Although the process does have a time frame to be attended to, there is no set term or time limit for eToro withdrawals. Anytime during the day, verified customers can withdraw money from their accounts.If you traded ETFs on the eToro platform and now want to withdraw your money, you can do so by moving your profit from the platform to your eToro Wallet. You can now move the funds from the wallet to an external wallet.

You must enter the same login information for your trading account (username and password) to access the eToro Wallet service when you do so for the first time.
Supported Withdrawal Methods on eToro
The amount of your withdrawal may be transferred by eToro to the original payment method(s) used to finance your eToro account. eToro will transfer the remaining funds to another payment method you used to fund the account if the funds you want to withdraw are larger than the amount you placed with a bank transfer or credit/debit card.

If you used multiple payment options, the following order will determine how the cash is transferred:
Bank transfer
For this, You will need to give eToro your complete and accurate account information and the ABA routing number if you use this method.

Using PayPal
Only if you added money to your eToro account using this precise payment method will you be permitted to withdraw money and transfer it to a PayPal account.

Credit Card
The card to which the funds can be transferred is also the credit card you used to finance your account.
Withdrawing your assets from eToro is not as difficult as you think. In this guide, we broke down the steps necessary to facilitate an easy withdrawal from your eToro account. Now that you are aware of eToro's withdrawal process ensure you’re in line with their withdrawal policy to stay out of potential issues.

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