Largest Crypto Expo in South East Asia

Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrency, Metaverse, Non-Fungible Tokens, Digital Assets, etc., are the hottest topics and new trends worldwide. Understanding these concepts and the latest technological up-gradation necessary to get the most is essential.To get more news about Crypto Expo, you can visit official website.

M Vision PCL has announced the Launch of the Largest Crypto Expo in South East Asia in Thailand from 6-9 October 2022. This crypto expo is being conducted to –
700,000+ Attendees, 400+ Exhibitors, 150+ Journalists & Media partners, 150+ Specialized Speakers, and>90% C-Level Executives, Experts, and Founders from all over the world to provide the best blockchain-crypto key facts and solutions on shaping up the crypto industry along with the Metaverse.
Attend the event for free for all four days and learn about the crypto industry and how it is streamlining the process of promoting digital assets and metaverse in reducing costs. Blockchain technology helps in maintaining a competitive advantage by picking up the pace in the latest technologies and promoting operations in the metaverse network.

Book your calendar! on 6-9 October 2022

Grab the opportunity to participate and acquire the key knowledge on understanding how blockchain technology works and how it can stimulate the ecosystem and its operations in bringing up the crypto businesses and industry at large.

We welcome you to enjoy the event by meeting up with the crypto enthusiasts from across the globe and leading information providers on entire blockchain projects. In addition, we are also conducting conferences, workshops, and seminars on Non-Fungible Tokens, Blockchain-related Products, Games, etc., in the crypto space.

For those who have attended earlier events and who are attending this event for the first time and have no knowledge of crypto or blockchain, feel free to participate in this event as we welcome you to gain an understanding of the following –
Established in 2002, on January 17, M Vision PCL provides its services in media production and produces content in information technology, especially smartphones. The company mainly distributes various information technology products through many channels.

The range of channels is broadly categorized as the services range from online, digital agency, offline, exhibitions, events, seminars, webinars, and e-commerce. The company also helps its clients in increasing brand awareness and helps them in maximizing their revenue by building customer trustworthiness.

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