What is SMS composite non-woven fabric?

SMS composite non-woven fabric is composed of the upper S cloth (spunbond), the middle M cloth (meltblown cloth), the lower S cloth (spunbond) three layers by hot melt composite is able to shield the bacteria microporous structure Products; Fleece products with fluffy and warm properties; High-efficiency filtration products capable of forming gradient filtration; Disposable medical protection products capable of preventing cross-infection of bacteria and anti-chemical products; and Geotechnical products with anti-bursting ability and anti-filtration performance. Non-woven fabric from the product structure, mostly composed of single-fiber three-dimensional structure, different from the traditional textile yarn interwoven two-dimensional structure, so it has micro-porous breathable, excellent surface coverage, dimensional stability and delivery performance. SMS composite nonwovens have been widely used abroad in the field of industrial textiles, mainly in the field of health care and filtration areas.Get more news about sms nonwoven fabric seller,you can vist our website!

Specifically reflected in: A, surgical suits and surgical kits; B, operating room curtains; C, surgical instruments cloth (CSR package cloth); D, masks (medical and civilian); E, high-grade packaging materials and other fields. The most commonly used product specifications are sanitary napkins (12 ~ 16g / m2), surgical gowns (50g / m2), work clothes (60g / m2), masks (45 ~ 50g / m2) and filtering materials (more specifications). In fact, as long as the spunbond method can be applied to the field, SMS composite nonwovens are also fully applicable.

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