Social Media Live Streaming: Useful Tips for Beginners

Audiences demand and expect live video. And frankly, it’s not difficult to see why. Live streaming (and videos in general) bring a human touch to marketing that text and images aren’t able to mimic. In 2019, people watched 1.1 billion hours of live video. Who knows what this number will look like by the end of 2020 because of the global pandemic and lockdown! With people staying at home, no time like the present to try social media live streaming.To get more news about 39bet-tỷ lệ cược-đua ngựa-máy bắn cá-tỷ lệ nhà cái-kéo cầu tài xỉu, you can visit official website.

So, jump on the bandwagon as soon as possible because other marketers are taking note! They are aware that 82% of people prefer seeing a live video from a brand than social media posts. In the years to come, this percentage is likely to increase. Social media and live streaming are the future!
By live streaming on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks, you’re publishing eye-catching content that ranks you higher in their news feeds. Of course, the higher the rank, the bigger the chances for people to notice your online presence. Another power of social media live streaming is that it captures your viewers’ attention and brings them to your brand’s website. That’s why we have tips on streaming in this article, covering all popular social platforms. Your only worry should be what to stream.
Reasons to Try Social Media Live Streaming
Everyone from actors and musicians to fast food restaurants and clothing stores use live video. And they are not mistaken. In a way, live video increases a sense of urgency of your product or service while allowing your audience to comment or ask questions in real time. It’s a force to be reckoned with today. The following figures certainly prove that:

Videos on social media generate 1200% more shares than texts and images.
67% of people who watch a live stream event will buy a ticket to a similar event.
Internet users watch live videos three times longer than pre-recorded videos.
More than 35% of marketers rely on live video in their social media strategy.
There is another thing social media live streaming is good at. Namely, it can transform a video from a broadcast into a conversation. Indeed, while you’re live, users can post comments or like your stream, and you can respond to them in real time. This close connection with a brand is what consumers want. It builds trust and increases engagement, encouraging them to come back for more.

Furthermore, content creators love live streaming because it gives them instant feedback. They don’t need to wait for a chart informing them how well they are performing. Quite the contrary, once they press “play,” their audience will tell them their thoughts immediately.
Social Media Live Streaming: Getting Started
Trust us, one of these days you won’t be able to resist the urge to livestream. And, as you’ll see, the decision to go live will be one of the best you’ve made. But the variety of social media live streaming platforms can be a little bit overwhelming. Where should you start? Facebook or LinkedIn? Instagram? Is Periscope still around?

Well, the answer is quite simple: start a live video wherever your audience is present. Perhaps you already know what their go-to platform is. In that case, read on to see how to master the art of live streaming on each one.

Going Live on Facebook
With over 2.6 billion users, Facebook is the king among social platforms. Consequently, Facebook Live dominates the social media live streaming game. Indeed, Facebook Live is your destination if you want to capture the most eyeballs. No other platform comes close to Facebook in terms of monthly active users. So, it’s a place to be for marketers.

Once you’re live, you’ll see the names and number of viewers. In addition to that, Facebook will show you the flood of comments you receive in real time. So, we hope you’ll be up for responding to them. When you’re done, the platform saves your live video to your page or story.

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