Music live streams – tips for musicians playing online in 2022

Wondering how to set up a music live stream? From the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 and throughout restrictions in live music in 2021, home concerts were one of the only options for musicians to play shows. For many artists, they’re here to stay. So how does a musician live stream setup work?To get more news about 39bet-đua chó-game giải trí -đá gà-đá gà trực tuyến-đánh bài, you can visit official website.

Playing to an audience of your own face on a phone will never not be weird. Just like playing a live gig, there’s some daunting uncertainties involved in a live stream gig – will anyone show up? What if the mic’s not turned up?
Livestreaming was a thing before the pandemic but it saw a huge rise in popularity in spring 2020. Everyone was adjusting to being at home and out-of-work musicians, including superstars, panicked about being forgotten and rushed to go live. That hype died down as the weeks of quarantine and lockdown went by.

However, playing music live online remains a very useful tool for musicians even as in-person gigs have returned. You can connect to audiences too far away to come to your shows, keep your profile up between appearances and stop your performance skills getting rusty. After all, the audience may be little bubbles on a screen, but they’re still an audience.
What is the point of live streaming?
Think about the purpose of your livestream beforehand. Deciding why you’d like to go live will help you to get in the right headspace, give you some direction to promote the stream properly and plan your set. The recorded clips also give you content for your social media.

Is it an album launch? A Q&A to connect with your fans? It might be a jam session, to share the new jazz licks you just perfected or simply to show your followers you’re still making music; perhaps you’d like to do a play-along tutorial to teach everyone how to cover your latest single.

Where to set up a live stream
To set up a music livestream, at the very basic level all you need is a device to stream from like a smartphone or a computer. Find a place to set up free from outside distractions, where you’ll get the clearest sound and video quality possible.

Even though you might feel like you’re just playing to your own reflection, it’s still a public gig. Think about how your surroundings will appear to viewers onscreen – things like lighting and backdrop are more important than you’d think.

A little effort into the backdrop of your livestream will go a long way. Whether that’s a cool area with fairy-lights and throws or a minimalist home studio, organise your space however you think fits you best as an artist. At the bare minimum have a quick tidy up so viewers aren’t distracted by the detritus of your household.

Whether you’re playing a live producer set to a ticketed audience or just going live on Instagram at home for some on-the-fly publicity, aim for as professional a performance as possible.

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