6 Live Streaming Tips & Tricks to Level-Up Your Streams

Mobile video is starting to hit its second wave for both consumption and creation, and government agencies can prepare now to ride this new channel for mobile and social engagement. Fueled by mobile bandwidth and cellular stability steadily increasing and consumers’ comfort with larger mobile devices fueling more video watching on mobile, a plethora of social apps now allow you to live stream and watch on mobile devices.To get more news about 39bet-casino trực tuyến-sicbo-máy đánh bạc- cờ bạc onl- cờ bạc trực tuyến, you can visit official website.
Early live video streaming pioneers, Ustream, Bambuser, and Livestream have been joined by a new generation of socially-infused apps, Younow, UpClose, Stre.am, and two of the most talked about since surging in popularity around South By Southwest Interactive—Periscope and Meerkat. (Both only available on Apple currently.)

You’ve got the camera, the software, the microphone–all the bells and whistles (that Amazon Prime shipping has really come in handy!) Now all you need to do is make your live debut.

But what if I told you there’s a way to level up your live streams? Hear me out.

As a business owner or content creator (or both), you know just how important your audience is. You also likely realize that reaching your audience virtually is the way forward, and adding live streams into the mix comes with some serious benefits. Brain feeling like a goldfish? Here’s a quick summary for a bit of bonus motivation.
Look at it this way. You’ve already come this far–you might already even have the basic equipment to get started. Keep reading! Helpful live streaming tips and tricks you might not have considered are just around the corner…

  1. Keep your set-up simple (with backups)
    You know the saying, “less is more”? This is absolutely the case when it comes to live streaming. More equipment equals more opportunity for malfunction–aka the last thing you need on a live set. Think of it like living a minimalist lifestyle where you only buy what you need and nothing you don’t. So don’t underestimate the power of your webcam.
  2. Be mindful of live video audio and lighting
    To put it simply, you want your live stream to look and sound great. Why? Because your viewers want your live stream to look and sound great. Unlike a pre-recorded video, there are no take-backs here–so you really want to be sure to get this right!
  3. Do a live video test run
    Preparation + opportunity = success. You already know why live streaming is a great opportunity for your brand–now all you need to do is some proper prep. Here are a few things you can do to increase your chances of a smooth stream:
  4. Look at the camera
    Eye contact is important when speaking to others, and it’s not any different when on camera. Instead of looking at yourself on a screen, be sure to look directly into the camera. Not only will you appear more honest, but your words are more likely to be remembered!
  5. Engage with your streamers in real-time
    A live chat is a great way to increase audience engagement and viewership during your live streams. A simple way to involve your viewers and prevent drop-off is to answer their questions live. Here’s a quick crash course on leveraging the live chat to engage your live streamers in real-time:

  6. Market ahead of time
    Time to share the news! It’s important to build excitement around your live stream debut well ahead of time. Use your existing social channels and other marketing strategies to raise awareness and watch those live streamers’ numbers grow! Check out a few of the top promotion tactics to tackle before the actual live event:

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