How We Produce Mushroom Supplements

Our teams inform you about the process and its stages. We work closely with you to make sure you are satisfied throughout the entire process. These are the three main steps.
Step 1: Design and Planning
At this stage, we work with you to learn about dosing, delivery and packaging preferences. You design the label and we can advise you on any important wording to add. Once you have completed the design and details of the add-on, we move on to production.
Step 2: Production
Most mushroom supplements use powdered mushrooms. With the right extraction and processing methods, most of the nutritional qualities of mushrooms can be preserved. These are the main production steps:
  • Extraction or processing of active ingredients.
  • Preparation of the delivery form.
  • Measuring and mixing ingredients.
  • Processing of mushroom tea powder or substance in the form of delivery chosen by you.
  • Checking mushroom supplements.
After inspecting the additives, we prepare the packaging. Packaged nutritional supplements are again inspected. If you need secondary packaging, we can handle it.
For example, for additional protection, you can use capsules in a glass bottle, and for each glass bottle - a cardboard box. Once supplements meet quality control standards, they are packaged and shipped. We notify you of this every time we send a package.
Common problems with private label mushroom production

Today, most nutraceutical sellers are concerned about manufacturers' suppliers and the quality of their supply. They are also concerned about the social and environmental responsibility of suppliers and manufacturing companies.
In addition, production capacity and quality are of the greatest concern. As a conscientious mushroom supplement manufacturer, we appreciate our customers being discreet and this is how we address important issues:
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