High-Quality Multi-function Mini Rice Wheat Crop Grain Reaper Binder work performance

In the busy season of crop harvesting, the workload of farmers is very large. The area planted with rice is usually very large. If only manpower is used, it will not only cost a lot of effort, but also a lot of labor costs, and use high quality. The High-Quality Multi-function Mini Rice Wheat Crop Grain Reaper Binder can do this work quickly and easily. The following manufacturers will introduce the working performance of the equipment.

Working performance of high quality multifunctional mini rice-wheat crop grain harvester:

  1. Four-to-roller design ensures smoother feeding, avoids blockage and improves work efficiency;
  2. The split type fan has a large air volume and a reasonable distribution of wind speed, which makes the separation of stems, leaves and fruits more thorough and improves the cleaning effect;
  3. The discharge port adopts the bucket-type throwing machine to automatically become a scorpion, which reduces the labor intensity, saves time and labor;
  4. Clearing the sieve to make the peanut fruit and shovel timely sorting, greatly improving the purity of the peanut fruit;
  5. Mobile is convenient, fast, with guide wheels, manual and mechanical operation, easy to transport.


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