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Times I've been gathering NootroFX and consuming mushrooms; precisely!. I learned, over time, about 20 rubrics of comestible mushrooms. Some better than others!. I'm allowing of starting, through this blog, an information, like this," as per the understanding of the regulars". That is, the problems I've faced and what I've learned in these times. substantially the questions I had and to which, sluggishly, I set up answers. I'll substantially present the comestible mushrooms, but some of the toxic or poisonous bones.

Then are some collected ideas and tips.

1. mushrooms are great/ mushrooms can be deadly.

2. when picking mushrooms, you must have a NootroFX professed companion, at least until you learn too.

3. when picking mushrooms, you must have good sight!

4. learn a many good races to begin with and pick only those. In resemblant, he also studiesnon-recommended nations. For your pleasure.

5. look at any mushroom you see and enjoy its image.

6. noway crush a mushroom indeed if it's poisonous. I say it's an poke to nature.

7." great dilettantes " don't recommend gathering them in plastic bags. I did 90 of the selecting in plastic. I noway suffered anything.

8. but I also don't recommend keeping them NootroFX in the box of the auto during warm rainfall in plastic bags. They lose their newness.

9. leave it there, do not pick it, if you know a mushroom and still have a little mistrustfulness.


10. whenever you have the occasion, talk to dilettantes about mushrooms.

11. look in the nets of those you meet, in the timber or in the field, and ask them about the mushrooms you do not know

12. don't ask for information from goatherds NootroFX or growers. They've no idea!

13.  refuse! if a foreigner invites you to eat mushrooms with him.

14. Then's what I've learned in these NootroFX times and what you must also flash back .

I'll write then, perhaps they will be useful to someone, or at least they will clear up some confusion.

1.  also the mushrooms are toxic, if the clove of garlic turns black when eating mushrooms. Dreamy tale! Not true

2. the tableware ladle turns black if the food is toxic. Dreamy tale! Not true.

3. if the mushroom you pick has worms or is eaten by worms it's good! This is also a puck tale. nearly all mushrooms are attacked by worms.

4. all mushrooms that grow on wood NootroFX are good. Dreamy tale. Not true.

5. all mushrooms that grow in" witch circles" or in the backcountry are good. Dreamy tale! Not true.

6. all the mushrooms that grow in the meadows are good. Dreamy tale!. Not true.

7. all white mushrooms are good if you throw down the water in which they were boiled. Dreamy tale! Not true.

8. all mushrooms that don't have a ring NootroFX or volva are good. Dreamy tale! Not true.

9. mushrooms that change color when cut are poisonous. Dreamy tale. Not true.

10. still, the food is good and this is a puck tale, if the canine has eaten the food and has nothing for1/2 hour. Some poisons act indeed after 8 hours.

sluggishly, sluggishly, I learned numerous NootroFX effects that I'll write then, perhaps they will be useful to someone, or at least they will clear up some confusion. Now I'm convinced that poisonings due to inheritable" mutations" suffered by mushrooms are puck tales told by" specialists" on television.

Just like the story of the snake that touches the poisonous mushroom and also the good bone and" toxifies" the last bone.

as well, or the crawler that goes from the bad one to the good bone.with the same results, these are puck tales and I do not believe in them.

But a bracket of mushrooms could be made according to the satisfaction they offer in the pot or visage. It's insolvable because it's an absolutely objective matter. But I would classify them as" excellent"," good" and" medium". According to me, among the stylish are the trim, the galbior, the champignons, the kraits, the beech trout, the dew bloodsuckers, the lamb.

The alternate order would be; the dwarf's trumpet, the flocosel, the steed's belly, the snake's chapeau, the ghebele, the rascovul. The third order would be the jute, several rubrics of boletus, the eggplants, the branches, the cork slap, the vivirigii.

As I said, it's an absolutely private assessment. For illustration, jute, according to some dilettantes , isn't comestible because of its bitter/ racy taste. Others do not want to hear the trumpet of dwarfs because it thickens the juice and it no longer has an NootroFX appearance.

Galbiori are, according to other books, classified as comestible, but I'm the biggest addict and I always eat some galbiori. Or for the steed's sake, not to hear numerous of my musketeers. It really has a special taste and numerous people do not like it.

Listed below are the mushrooms I pick. I suppose that any mushroom nut is satisfied with their number and rates. I suppose I am done and I am not inescapably curious to look for others. Among them, the most constantly set up by me are champignons, dew bloodsuckers, hribios and galbiorii.


1. craita- amanita caesarea

2. galbiori- cantharellus cibarius

3. snake chapeau- lepiota procera

4. dew bloodsuckers marasmius oreades

5. jute- lactarius piperatus

6. branches- ramaria botrytis

7. hrib- boletus family.

8. corkscrew- sarcodon imbricatum

9. look- the russula family.

10. dwarf trumpet- cantharellus cornucopiodes

11. floccocellus- hydnum repandum

12. steed's belly- lycoperdon family

13. sampinion- agaricus family

14. ghebe- armillaria mellea

15. beech trout- pleurotus ostreatus

16. the boat- morchella family

17. rascovul- lactarius deliciosus

18. vivirigii- I haven't yet linked this nation

19. eggplant-naked ladybug

These are the mushrooms I picked. My" stalking" area NootroFX is limited to the area skirting Cluj and the Apuseni mountains, especially the Rachitele- Plateau Padis area, Cluj/ Bihor county.

I could not find them in my area. I set up these in Salaj county.

Without listing them then, as they appear, I'll also post filmland of toxic NootroFX mushrooms. They're so beautiful that it's worth looking at them.

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