Queensland Adding Over a Dozen New Solar Batteries

The green revolution is alive and well in Queensland, with the announcement that Energy Queensland is planning to add more than a dozen new solar batteries in regional areas to boost solar storage capacity. With six 4MW/8MWh batteries already installed at various local networks such as Bohle Plains, Black River, Kleinton, Tanby, Bargara and Torquay, the government-owned energy company is keen to expand further. Following the final assessment for new sites, a further dozen batteries are expected.


Energy Queensland is currently considering battery providers, with the popular Tesla and CATL options being considered. However, they are also considering the use of vanadium flow batteries.


Support for regional networks


Energy Queensland CEO Rod Duke spoke to the media regarding the announcement, citing that the network of the future needed to consider not just moving energy from where it is generated, but also to where it will be used. As such, there has been a need to significantly increase Queensland’s battery storage capacity.


“The new batteries will be spread across major centres in regional Queensland near communities that have significant rooftop solar generation because we know that’s where they will have the greatest overall benefit,” said Mr Duke.


Importantly, Mr Duke suggested that the initial six batteries would be fully commissioned soon, allowing the company to move electricity in both space and time. This is crucial to the reliability and stability of the network, and for the future as our focus turns towards more renewable energy sources.


Why are batteries important?


As far as network energy storage goes, batteries are crucial when dealing with solar energy. That’s because solar energy typically needs to be used as it is generated, or it goes to waste. With so much renewable energy coming into the network, batteries are required to ensure there is no waste.

Excess energy can be stored and moved around the state to where it is needed most. Essentially, it allows us to continue using solar energy even when the sun isn’t shining. While we have coal-fired plants and gas as a backup, the network needs to start growing for a future without fossil fuels.


Want to know more about solar?

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